Not so cool anymore?


My husband and I met with a financial advisor tonight. I want to clarify that my husband and I are not rich but with having our son we realized we want to get a plan in place for our retirement and a possible savings account for college for Max.  So as we were talking about very serious matters I had a revelation.I AM OLD!

Well may not that old.. (Picture Credit:
Well maybe not that old..
(Picture Credit:

Not seriously old but a true bona fide adult.

I have a degree, a career, a marriage, a safe car, a house, a child, and wrinkles. (Shouldn’t have smiled so much over the last thirty-one years) All these years of hard work and preparation have brought me to these accomplishments. I am not perfect but most of my goals for me have been achieved.

So as I am thinking this I then realized I am like my parents. I think about how I used to view them and that is when I realized.


Toga Party + My Hubby and Me = COOL
Toga Party + My Hubby and Me = COOL

When I used to look at my parents and think: GOD why are they so lame, or tired, or worried?

And now I am all those things. Not completely or all the time but I definitely do not go out to the bars at 11pm or party like I used to. My outfits are not as risqué in public (I looked downright skanky sometimes) or sexy.  I can probably even show them pictures of my younger days but they will never see me as cool.

They will never think my husband and I partied like rock stars; made bad decisions on more than one occasion (Never tell them these things until they are 30) or lived a worry free life. This is a very weird feeling because I still feel young.

I know, I know you are only as young as you feel but I am 31 not 21. My body cannot recover like it used to, and I constantly worry about consequences now.  I will not throw my bra up to a rock star on stage again, or try to sneak into a concert. I will be in bed by 11pm after a few glasses of wine and sleep “in” until 7 pm (if my children allow it).

As I go over all the irresponsible, crazy, memorable fun I had the past 31 years I finally think to myself:


I smile and then turn back to my taxes.

8 comments on “Not so cool anymore?”

  1. Hah! Katie! I love your sexy badass self! Now paryting like a rockstar has to be modified juuuuust a bit! You guys will always be Max’s COOL PARENTS- kids know this stuff, and know how to spot the cool ones early.

  2. You’ll always be one cool bad-ass in my book…but then, I’m older than you. 😉 LOVE the pic of you and hubby!

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