Picking Out My Daughters First Pair of Shoes


Shoes are a big deal! A first pair of shoes signify such an important milestone in a child’s life. This past weekend we bought my daughter, now 11 months, her first pair of shoes–pink and brown sneakers! She has been getting progressively better at walking with her little walker device toy and then this past weekend, when the weather was just gorgeous, I knew it was time for sneakers so she can practice her skills outside and at the playground.

So, off we went to the mall. Our family doesn’t go to the mall often. Both of my children lack a shopping gene and my husband only shops for clothing once every four-year (no joke). We went in with a particular mission…sneakers. Don, my 3 1/2 year old got his quick…new Star Wars light up sneakers. He’s still thrilled. My daughter took a little longer. In the more trendy children’s stores, they didn’t sell sneakers for girls, only dress shoes. I actually had her try on a pair of baby boy shoes, but decided to continue on with the search.

I’m partial to stride rite shoes, only because my parents were really big on good shoes and stressed stride rite growing up. So off we went to Nordstrom where I knew they sold that line. The feminist in me really struggled — they only sell pink shoes! Pink Nikes, pink stride rite, pink pumas. Ugh. Once again, I walked past the boys shoe area and debated, but I didn’t want to buy her overtly male shoes either. Ugh. In the end, I went with the Stride Rite pink and brown sneakers and although I hate to admit it…they are the cutest shoes I have ever seen!

Tell me these aren't adorable?
Tell me these aren’t adorable?

I am so happy to see her in her first little pair of shoes. She looks like such a big girl and I get so excited at the thought of her cruising around this spring and summer at the playground with her brother and me! She’s so close…any day now and my little girl will be walking!

4 comments on “Picking Out My Daughters First Pair of Shoes”

  1. Nordstrom has a great selection of kids shoes! I bought Jake’s first (and second) pair of Converse All Stars there. He wears his shoes down to the core, so i can definitely appreciate the value of a great pair of kids shoes.

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