Two days, two girls, five lessons

It was my pleasure to hang out with fellow blogger Michelle’s daughter Lillian for two days this week. It was so much fun for the girls to have such an extended play date! And as a momma who doesn’t plan on having any more children, I’ve learned a couple things about having more than one kid around:

I am able to mediate a toddler tiff or two.

I have yet to really test out this aspect of parenting; Nora simply isn’t in situations often enough where she’s interacting with other children for her to get into little spats. While there luckily weren’t any screaming tantrums during our 48 hours together, the girls did have it out a couple times over little things like sharing pink plastic spoons, strawberries and a particular favorite bear ballerina stuffed toy. I pleasantly surprised myself by not automatically resorting to “no” each time and instead was able to offer alternatives that pleased them both and diffused the situations quickly. I’ll just go ahead and pat myself on the back.

These two? Fight? Nah. Photo credit C. Allard
These two? Fight? Nah.
Photo credit C. Allard


Having multiples of certain things is a good thing.

Even though Nora is an only child, she has several of certain toys: cups, blocks, Little People, stuffed toys…this helped defray some of the conflicts I mentioned above because I was able to offer each of the girls the same item so they didn’t have to fight over one. Having these items in multiple colors is a double bonus (“Nora, look, your bowl is pink!! And Lillian, you get the green one! They are both so pretty!”). The girls were satisfied that their objects looked the same, but having different colors seemed to make each special. Duplicate items on hand for future playdates…duly noted.

Blogger Gena stops by for a stroll! Photo credit C. Allard
Blogger Gena stops by for a stroll!
Photo credit C. Allard


A child who naps is bliss.

Lillian is a champion sleeper. Nora, as we know, is not. While Lillian slept peacefully upstairs for two hours and thirty-nine minutes, I spent every one of those minutes preventing Nora from running upstairs to knock on her door and wake her, and shushing her as she repeatedly yelled, “C’mon, wake up Lee-lan!” Nora, in turn, watched two hours and thirty-nine minutes of television. I won’t be patting myself on the back for this one, but TV was the only thing that would distract Nora enough to allow at least one child in the house to get the sleep she needed.

Nora pretends to sleep. Don't be fooled. Photo credit C. Allard
Nora pretends to sleep. Don’t be fooled.
Photo credit C. Allard


I would need to own a cow if I had more than one child.

I thought Nora drank a lot of milk. I didn’t even think this week about having an extra child in the house. Man, do those girls like their dairy! There was definitely an emergency milk run on day two to avoid any meltdowns. There was, however, no shortage of cuteness and giggles.

These girls know how to have fun! Photo credit C. Allard
These girls know how to have fun!
Photo credit C. Allard


If I ever chose to have another kid, I could do it.

I’m not going to fool myself into thinking that taking care of two children for two days is anything like raising siblings for a lifetime. I’m sure I’m blissfully unaware of what it’s like to mediate multiple children 24/7. But while I haven’t changed my mind about having another child, I wasn’t exactly running in the opposite direction either. Why would I, with these two beauties around?

Silly girls! Photo credit C. Allard
Silly girls!
Photo credit C. Allard

6 thoughts on “Two days, two girls, five lessons

  1. I loved this post, so sweet! Your a great friend to Michelle. Also, your home decor rocks, can you give a mom house tour via the website one day and talk about your chalk board, awesome pillows and lamps 🙂


  2. I love everything about this post! The photos, the lessons and YOU! Thank you again for taking care of Lills. She had SO much fun.


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