Thrifty Thursday: Party Like a Rock Star! (Part II)

If you missed Part I you can check it out here. Don’t worry, I’ll wait!

Last month we celebrated my daughter’s third birthday. As of yet, I have found this to be the most exciting age for throwing a birthday party. It’s the first year she was really looking forward to celebrating with friends and family. I don’t think a day went by during the month prior to her party where she didn’t talk about her upcoming special day.

I became inspired to create a Dr. Seuss themed birthday party during a  trip to Target. Yes, it was a good five months before her birthday but Caroline was big into Dr. Seuss books so I had to take advantage of some amazing deals I found in “The One Spot,” where one can find some pretty great items for a dollar! I found packs of ten Dr. Seuss party invitations with envelopes, cute little Dr. Seuss character tote bags (perfect for goodie bags for the kids), Thing 1 and Thing 2 dry erase boards, even Dr. Seuss themed ABC flash cards (to use for making my “Happy Birthday” banner). My point is to keep your eyes open. Even when it’s “not time” to actively plan your child’s party doesn’t mean you might not run into a “can’t pass this up” kind of deal that will make your life much easier down the road. I just saved my receipt until I decided to definitely use them. Just make sure to check out the return policy first to see how long after purchasing an item they will accept returns.

Here were some of my handmade touches:

Caroline was turning 3 so instead of Thing 1 or 2 I added my own character! I spray painted the board I bought at Home Depot white and painted Thing 3 using acrylic paint.

Photo Credit: C. Corrigan
Photo Credit: C. Corrigan

Truffula Trees from The Lorax.

Materials: pipe insulation, yellow duct tape, large sheets of tissue paper

Use the yellow duct tape to wrap your pipe insulation.  This tutorial will give you directions for making the tree tops. Then use floral wire to connect the top to the trunk.

Photo Credit: C. Corrigan
Photo Credit: C. Corrigan


I used the freezer paper stenciling technique to make a special shirt for the birthday girl. You can read my how-to post here with step by step instructions for making something of your own!

Photo Credit: C. Corrigan
Photo Credit: C. Corrigan

Other Items Used for Decorating:

  • Color copies of Dr. Seuss book covers
  • Bright colored anything/everything (plates, napkins, balloons, etc.)
  • Dr. Seuss character stuffed animals (Horton, Cat in the Hat, and the Grinch were a few of our “guests”)
Photo Credit: C. Corrigan
Photo Credit: C. Corrigan

Food that went with the theme:

  • Colored goldfish with a sign saying 1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish
  • Green eggs and ham – devilled eggs with green food coloring and a little piece of ham on top
  • Hop on Pop(corn) – Smartfood popcorn
  • Truffula Tree Fruit Sticks – strawberries and bananas on wooden skewers in the pattern of the hat from The Cat in the Hat.
  • Mason jars filled with M&M’s – just because they are so colorful and I wanted to add as much color as possible (plus a little extra chocolate never hurts)
  • CUPCAKES! – I found some free cupcake topper printables and simply glued them back to back with a toothpick in between. Lots of colorful frosting colors, a little fondant here and there with the occasional green eggs and ham or hat from the Cat in the Hat. A few were adorned with blue cotton candy to appear like Thing 1 and 2 hair. It was fun to just experiment with different ways of frosting the cupcakes!
Photo Credit: C. Corrigan
Photo Credit: C. Corrigan

I had a lot of fun putting this party together but the best part, by far, was witnessing the joy and excitement it brought to my daughter.


6 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday: Party Like a Rock Star! (Part II)

  1. Nora’s birthday party will be Cat in the Hat themed this year…and I’m (or should I say my sister, the baker) going to attempt the Thing 1 and Thing 2 cotton candy cupcakes. Yours look great!! EVERYTHING looked great! What a fun party for a lucky girl!


  2. Trufala trees??? Seriously?? You missed your calling as a party planner! (and i’m stealing that idea…my girls want a Lorax bday party this year!)


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