High School Throwback: Kate

My Senior Year
My Senior Year
(photo credit: Heather MacVane Hale, thank you Heather!)

I’m not one to take trips down memory lane and I’m not that sentimental about things past (which is why I needed help from beloved Facebook friends to unearth just one picture of me from high school), but when this was announced as our next blogger series, I thought “eh, what the hell, I’ll do it.” It’s interesting looking back to who you were in high school. It’s also interesting trying to sum up who were thought you were back then, and wondering if your high school friends had a different interpretation of you. So, based on my perceptions alone, this is how I’d sum up my high school self:

* I was a good student, got good grades and all the teachers liked me. Which is why I could get away with being delinquent at times.

* There was more than one delinquent time where I would skip school with my friend, Stephanie, and she’d drive us to Boston to get Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin paraphernalia. Sometimes we’d go to the beach. We only got caught once.

* Even though I got good grades I didn’t really give a rat’s ass about ANYTHING I learned in school other than writing.

* I won a short story contest when I was a sophomore. My story was called “Black Flower” and it was about a girl who committed suicide because she was bullied. I was neither bullied nor had thoughts of suicide, but I did enjoy my dark side. My junior year I wrote a short story called “Sugar and Spice” that came in second place ~ it was about a girl on drugs who burned down her house. I wasn’t into drugs in high school, which was why I thought that the girl in my story could hallucinate from smoking pot. Obviously the teachers who chose my story to win, didn’t do drugs either.

* I was always an inclusive sort of person and was nice to everyone. Someone once called me a “geek-magnet” because yes, I was nice to the geeks too. Some of those geeks really rocked.

* My favorite geek wrote me two love poems in chemistry class. They were so romantic and I never forgot them. That geek turned into one rad dude!

* Even though I aced U.S. History (both in high school and college) the only thing I truly remember is that Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. THAT has served me really well.

* As soon as I’d finish a test, I’d forget all the info. It just wasn’t important to me. High school was more of a social arena for me and the academics were just a pesky distraction.

* I was a cheerleader my sophomore and senior years.

* I went to four proms.

* My freshman and sophomore year I was part of a little clique of two ~ me and my best friend, Jenny. She and I were kindred spirits, laughed all the time and even had our own language. In our health class the teacher actually moved us next to each other so we would stop gesturing to each other from across the room and distracting everyone. She moved away my junior year and I felt lost for many months. (I had another best friend, Val, but she went to a different high school.) Luckily, perhaps due to my inclusive nature, I was able to befriend whomever I wanted and developed some good friendships that got me through the rest of high school.

Friends Heather, Kim, (and me)
Friends Heather, Kim, (and me)

* My freshman year, my friend Jenny and I (who had had no sexual experience at that time) started writing dirty poetry that was getting passed around and a lot of attention. One day, my favorite English teacher chased me around the room while I had the dirty poems in my hand demanding to see what was causing such a stir. I think I basically told him he would NEVER see them as we did a few laps and I ripped them to shreds. And he didn’t. *whew*

* I had my first serious boyfriend my sophomore year. He was a friend of my older brother’s and someone I’d had a crush on for years. We went out for 13 months and he was the sweetest first love I could have ever asked for. We loved each other, I lost my virginity to him when I was 16, and it was all very wonderful…despite what my parents thought.

* I ran away from home for 5 days one summer in between my sophomore and junior year to be with my boyfriend. My mother and I hadn’t been getting along and in my eyes she was being very unreasonable. I only went home when she threatened to call the cops. It took her about 16 years to forgive me.

* After breaking up with my first boyfriend I became a serial monogamist. I had two other long term boyfriends before graduation.

* Sometimes I would tell my mom I was sleeping over my friend, Stephanie’s house, when really I’d be sleeping over my boyfriends house. Those were such sweet times and I can’t even regret them now. (P.S. I WON’T be inviting my parents to read this post!)

* My senior year, my friend Heather and I would often talk our friend Jay into driving us to Pizza Hut after school. I spent a lot of time at Pizza Hut in high school..and must confess it’s still my favorite kind of pizza.

on the way to Pizza Hut!
on the way to Pizza Hut!

* One time at said Pizza Hut my friend, Val, offered me 50 bucks to stand up and do a cheer. I did it, got applause from all the patrons, but have yet to see that 50 bucks.

* My brother is two years older than me and he was a good friend of mine in high school. Sometimes we’d double date. We’d often take road trips in the middle of the night while my parents were sleeping. One time we drove from Maine to Rhode Island and back just talking and listening to music.

* I didn’t cry at my graduation but I did have a huge coughing fit and had to leave the ceremony.

* I had fun in high school but I was also ready to move on. And haven’t really given it much thought…until this post!

(* special thanks to my high school friend Heather MacVane Hale who unearthed all these pics for me! Heather, you rock!)


20 comments on “High School Throwback: Kate”

  1. I always believed you when you said we were kindred spirits; I see a lot of my present and recent past-self in your experiences! I love your honesty, and I love every story! Hopefully my mom doesn’t read this comment because I can agree with a LOT of your delinquencies, maybe more 😉 Love you Kate, and your boldness for sharing!

  2. This was AWESOME!!! I heart you Kate. I too was loved by all my teachers and would get away with a lot of stuff. My sophomore year, I literally slept through my US History class (and I set front row and center). During class my teacher would wake me up to ask me a question, which I would have no problem answering, and I would go back to napping.

  3. Love this whole thing! The photos and all the info about you is soooo awesome. How interesting about the writing contests. I had a smile on my face reading each section of this! 🙂

    1. It IS interesting about my dark stories, isn’t it! One of my favorite books back then was “Go Ask Alice.” 😉

  4. You are MOST welcome – glad my hoarder-like behavior is finally coming in handy (that is the back of my head, btw, that looks like a crazy dirty-blonde Q-tip!!). We had SO MUCH fun that senior year… trips back and forth to Pizza Hut, proms galore and planning our next move to UMaine. I treasure the fact that we were, and still are, friends!!

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