High School Throwback: Katie S.

Freshman year at the Senior Prom: Yup my date has a top hat!

Year: 1995-1999

School: Mercy High School (Middletown, CT)

Faves: Friends, Art, Musicals, Partying, My car


Yes, you see correctly I went to a Private All Girl High school! OH THE HORROR! Actually I can tell you that I absolutely loved, loved, did I mention loved high school! I am lucky that I do not look back with anxiety, anger or regret.

Maybe it was that I was 5’10 or that I didn’t give a shit but most of the teen angst you hear about passed over me. Do not get me wrong I had insecurities and such but over all I was too busy having fun to worry about what others thought.

So where to begin? I think I was lucky to go to Mercy as a freshman when my older sister had just graduated and was seen as a cool kid. So right away I was accepted by some upperclassmen. This was good since I was at a completely new school not in my home town.

I am on the right (The Amazon) my cool sister is the second to the left
sophomore year: I am on the right (The Amazon) my oldest sister is the second to the left

If you see the friends I acquired over the four years you will understand that I like “different”. Whether they were hippies, goth, trouble makers, or ravers I didn’t care unless you were interesting. The funny thing is my style was quite boring. I had the same long hair and plain style over all four years. I kept having this vision that in twenty years I would look back and be like “Why the fuck did you wear that, or do that to your hair?!” Kind of ironic since I am doing this post.

Junior Year: Oh so dramatic for the prom!
Junior Year: Oh so dramatic for the prom!

I was what others called a “floater”. I had a core group of friends but knew everyone from the “geeks” to the “cool girls” and I was nice to all of them. The only time my fangs came out was if someone I knew was getting picked on.

I remember clearly going head to head with a senior who was bullying a freshman and I decided to jump in and let that short senior know that if she doesn’t shut her mouth I will for her.

My close friends knew that I was basically living two lives. My daytime life was a top performing student in advanced classes who was involved in everything. I was in NHS, drama club, lacrosse, field hockey, junior classical league, musicals, art club, and many others. But at night and on the weekends I was a huge PARTIER.

You heard right ladies I PARTIED. I drank and partook in drug use. Never crazy but always had a good time. I think my parents had a little clue but since I was vice president of my senior class, and was getting A+’s in advanced anatomy, physics and Trig they figured I couldn’t be messing up my life too much.  I was the friend parents would want their kids to hang with because on paper and in front of them I was so respectful and kind. What they didn’t know is that after that nice family dinner I was taking their daughter to a huge keg party.

I think my high school and college years really speak to my sign: GEMINI. My father always said Gemini’s will try everything and anything once.  And boy did I….

The only thing I didn’t do was have sex in high school. I know can you believe it. A huge partier who is a prude? Well not exactly. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the opportunity (Yup, I dated a 24 year old when I was 18, sorry mom he didn’t know my real age). It was that I was petrified of getting knocked up. This comes from my Irish Catholic upbringing where pregnancy was all around me.

I wanted to go to college so bad (I had dreams of Animal House) that I was not letting any man or loves get in the way.  So sorry guys over my high school years; you should have met me in college.

Senior Year: My mother said my hair color made me look like a street walker, LOL!
Senior Year: My mother said my hair color made me look like a street walker, LOL!

I think overall I was a good kid who never brought trouble home, was close with my parents (always respectful), loved to party but could see the big picture. By doing well in school first I knew my partying wouldn’t be a problem.

I can only hope my kids are the same and keep their dreams forefront. My husband was a delinquent as well, so I have a feeling our son and future kids may give us a run for our money.

See Party Animals can grow up and be responsible adults! Parents have hope 🙂

4 comments on “High School Throwback: Katie S.”

  1. Katie, I wish I had known you in high school!! I think we would have, given our circle of friends now include so many of your high school friends and classmates from back then! Small world 🙂

  2. Ha! I was soooo looking forward to reading this and you don’t disappoint! (Though you said you didn’t have sex in “college” and I know that can’t be true! 😉 ) It doesn’t surprise me that you rocked back then because you certainly rock now! And you make me want to be 5’10”!

  3. This was great – your junior prom picture is gorgeous! My BFF in high school was 5’10 and she totally corrupted me too. Must be something about tall, smart people 😉

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