Turning 30: A Time of Reflection

People who know me know that I love my birthday. My mom tells me I’ve been like this my whole life; having countdowns that would begin not weeks, but months ahead of time. Lately, I feel like I’m reverting back to my childhood with starting a three-month countdown to this particular birthday but, I mean, it’s thirty! It’s kind of a big deal and not even in the “Ugh I can’t believe I’m going to be thirty…” way. As I inch closer and closer to my thirties, I find myself reflecting back on the era of my twenties and all the milestones contained within those ten years. So much has happened; my boyfriend and I moved into an apartment together, graduated college, got engaged, bought a house, got married, and became parents.

Now that I have children the time seems to be slipping even more quickly than before. I want to soak in every minute. That is why I’ve decided to dedicate my thirties to really appreciating everything in my life from the monumental moments down to the smallest; especially the smallest. I call it my “stop and smell the roses initiative.” All too often we get so caught up in this fast paced life we live in and overlook these everyday moments. They seem ordinary at the time and then one day you wake up and wish you could have them back and hold onto them for just a little bit longer. So I’ve put together a list of thirty special moments that I’m currently cherishing. I challenge you to try to savor even the most ordinary moments with your children even when life is overwhelming, exhausting, and just plain hectic.

Thirty Moments with my Children that I’m Currently Savoring:

1. Eskimo kisses

2. My baby falling asleep in my arms

Emma asleep in my arms. (Photo credit: C. Corrigan)
Emma asleep in my arms. (Photo credit: C. Corrigan)

3. Listening to Caroline sing songs she makes up

4. Emma’s little coos and squeaks

5. Caroline counting past 11 (11…17, 13, 15…)

6. Frosting faces

Frosting face! (Photo Credit: C. Corrigan)
Frosting face! (Photo Credit: C. Corrigan)

7. My daughters’ smiles. They turn my insides into a warm mushy substance.

8. Singing songs together in the car

9. Caroline giving me a hug and saying, “I like you mama!”

10. When my daughter plays with my hair

11. Hearing the pitter-patter of little feet coming down the stairs as soon as the sun rises

12. When Caroline tells me I’m her best friend

13. When my three-year old makes her little sister belly laugh. One of these days I’m going to catch it on video I swear!

14. The way Caroline says “’sgusting” when she thinks something is gross

15. Kissing boo boos to magically make them better

16. The hiccup spell that comes after Caroline laughs really hard

17. Chubby little legs that are now learning to walk

18. Doing the hokey pokey with Caroline in the kitchen while making dinner

19. Cuddling together in bed as a family on the weekends

20. Watching my 3-year-old share toys with her little sister

21. Caroline standing up and saying, “See? I’m big!”

22. My husband and the girls falling fast asleep on the couch while I take advantage of the photo-op

Nap time! (Photo Credit: C. Corrigan)
Nap time! (Photo Credit: C. Corrigan)

23. Feeding Emma her food (won’t be long before she’s feeding herself)

24. Caroline roller skating in the living room while wearing pajamas

Caroline trying out her new Barbie roller skates. (Photo Credit: C. Corrigan)
Caroline trying out her new Barbie roller skates. (Photo Credit: C. Corrigan)

25. Lying in Caroline’s bed with her before she goes to sleep

26. Listening to Caroline “read” her books to me

27. The funny end result when you combine a 3-year-old, her baby sister, and baby powder

Powder face! (Photo Credit: J. Corrigan)
Powder face! (Photo Credit: J. Corrigan)

28. Taking pictures of our silly faces on my phone

Photo Credit: C. Corrigan
Photo Credit: C. Corrigan

29. Listening to Caroline tell Emma “It’s ok baby” when she cries

30. Matching dresses

My pretty little ladies! (Photo Credit: C. Corrigan)
My pretty little ladies! (Photo Credit: C. Corrigan)

My twenties have brought me so much joy that I can only imagine what’s in store for the next ten years of my life. Bring on thirty!


11 thoughts on “Turning 30: A Time of Reflection

  1. So sweet! Love the pictures and all the reminders of those simple moments that slip away before we even realize that they’re gone…or wish away and then look back and think..”where did it all go?” Birthdays have an odd way of bringing all things into perspective – enjoy this one and those to come!


  2. Oh, this is so beautiful! Great pics ~ I especially LOVE the one of your hubby sleeping with the girls. Sooooo sweet! Enjoy 30, Sister!


  3. LOL, this reinforces how OLD I am relative to you ladies!!! The high school throwbacks highlighted it, and this just confirms it! 🙂 Happy birthday!


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