Mom’s late night at work turns into BOY’S NIGHT at home…


Ever have one of those marathon work days?  Maybe you’ve had a little more than you’d like to admit?  Ever feel guilty that your husband had to Lone Wolf it for the night?  Or maybe you felt like you were losing the battle between that whole “work-life-balance” thing?  Yeah.  I feel all of those things sometimes.  I work at a very high-paced job at the Connecticut State Capitol.  I’m a lawyer and a research analyst and my schedule is dictated by committee meetings, public hearings, and House Sessions.  And of course, you know I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, because I love my job more and more every session.  But, I’d be lying to you if I said there weren’t some nights that I find myself in the back of the House chamber at midnight with my friends wondering what our spouses, family, and friends are doing at that exact moment.


last day of sesh 2012

Here are my law chick girls and I in the House Chamber on the last day of session, 2012. 

We totally class up the joint.

Last night was one of those marathon work days-er… nights… which turned into the morning.  2:30 in the morning.  So what happened in my absence at home, you may wonder?  I’ll show you.


boys night

Boy’s Night







high fives

High Fives.


tv watching


Lots of TV Watching.


So what of Mommy Guilt?  How about Mommy JEALOUSY!?

2 comments on “Mom’s late night at work turns into BOY’S NIGHT at home…”

  1. lol, love how you ended this! Great pics too! So wonderful to hear how much you love your job, Dear Sister!

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