Recurring Ear Infections: Part II


Thanks to a wonderful chiropractor we see in town, it has been well over a month since our daughter’s last year infection. There is no more pulling on the ears, no more crying and definitely no more antibiotics, which is a wonderful thing.

However, when I last updated you all, I mentioned that there was still a lot of fluid in her ears during her hearing test; during that test, the audiologist also said that she had a temporary mild hearing loss. Nonetheless, we took her on March 26th (last Tuesday) to her ENT surgeon who, after careful inspection of the ears, agreed with the audiologist; she does have a large amount of fluid in her ears because they are not draining the way they should be. After hemming and hawing and going back and forth with both my husband and the surgeon, we all made a team decision to schedule tube surgery.  After signing the pre-op paperwork, I quickly put on my sunglasses to hide the tears of failure.  Then I realized, “Wait a minute, why do I think I’ve failed? I’ve done something most people would not be able to do! I spent the last month going to the chiropractor’s and doctor’s offices at least 3-4 times a week, my choice!”

Also, like many parents, I tried my hardest to prevent recurring ear infections.  This actually worked, but just because her ears still won’t properly drain, how is that my fault? It’s more like an unfortunate situation due to having small, immature Eustachian tubes. Once I reminded myself of this, I took the sunglasses off, wiped the tears from my eyes and said to my husband, “We are ready for surgery and are ready for our daughter to hear normally once again.” I attempted to fist-pump him, but I missed and looked like a fool, oh well!

Surgery is scheduled for May 1, 2013 at CT Children’s Medical Center (CCMC). The surgery is expected to take only about ten minutes and she should resume her normal eleven-month-old characteristics as soon as we get home.

All in all, this experience has been quite informative yet stressful at the same time. It has shown me patience, understanding and to always trust my motherly instinct.

After her surgery I will be writing a post about the days leading up to it.   Until then, you have a few weeks’ break from my next post about ears.  I am actually looking forward to not talking about it for a few weeks.

For more information on ear tube surgery, please visit this website: I felt it to be very informative and easy to understand.

15 comments on “Recurring Ear Infections: Part II”

  1. Failure? No way! You did everything possible to find a solution before making the decision to do the surgery. You’re a great mama!!

  2. I know it’s not what you wanted but you most certainly are not a failure. You did everything you could to get her on the right road and now you are still doing everything you can. I found the hardest part with my son’s surgery (tubes were not an option with us, he had to have his adenoids and tonsils out) was going into the room while they put him out. Surgery and recovery took a bit longer than tubes probably will so with us the waiting was really hard too, but he was fine by the next day. In fact he was up and watching movies at 3:00am! You should feel proud that you are taking care of her hearing problem before she loses out on valuable language time. Now is when it counts! Once my son’s eustachian tubes were clear he went from only hearing everything muffled to asking us to turn up a song on the radio that WE couldn’t even hear. Good luck and stay calm. You’re a great mom!

  3. CCMC is a wonderful place and when our 16mo old had his tubes in we barely had time to drink a small cup of coffee before he was done. It is quick and they take such good care of them while they are there. We brought him in with his favorite pj’s on and with his blanket. They are great and the marked difference is almost immediate. Thank you for blogging about this. I commented on a couple of those and felt like no one was judging and I could actually say that I didn’t feel like a horrible mom for wanting to make sure that my baby doesn’t have the same ear problems I suffer from to this day. Best of luck and you will be more scared that the baby!

  4. You are NOT a failure! First of all, it’s not your fault and second of all you did everything you could think of to avoid surgery. From others comments it sounds like it’s a very quick procedure. I’m sure everything will be OK 🙂

  5. Hi Melissa! I was in your shoes 3 years ago when my middle son was 2. He had the same situation with the fluid not draining. I had taken him to a chiro for a month and there was no progress. So, we decided on Tubal surgery at CCMC with Dr. Murray. She was wonderful and the procedure was quick! Once we got Joseph home, we knew we made the right choice! He actually could hear and was squealing loud enough to hear his voice!

    You’ll be fine and your daughter will bounce back immediately!!! There’s no wrong answer when it comes to the well being of your daughter! Good luck!!!

  6. I know this isn’t the outcome you wanted, but good for you for doing all of the research, prep & seeking the chiro care – and being the best advocate for your child. It IS super fast, I promise! The worst part is if you go in the OR with her, seeing her put under. Both times my daughter had it (10 months & 38 months) she was her normal happy self before we even left the hospital…maybe a little sleepy, but perfectly fine. The second set of tubes was because of hearing loss (tons of fluid) & I can’t even tell you what a huge difference we saw immediately…the car ride home, she was asking what certain noises were that I know she hadn’t been able to hear just a few hours before! All that to say, it will be fine, she will be fine, and you will be fine! Good luck!

    1. Hi Jen, thanks for the kind words. I did really try it all. Looking forward to putting this behind me and knowing that she no longer has fluid in the ears. Glad your little ones are doing good too.

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