It’s been one of those days


We all love a little overshare every now and again, don’t we? This one’s going to be about vomit, periods, snot, and my OB/GYN appointment. You up for a little TMI? Then read on.

Yesterday was one of those days when you realize just how strong you can be as a mother.

I had my appointment to have my IUD inserted. They like you to have your period when you do this; your cervix is more open during this time and therefore the device is easier to place. But this also means you have a short window in which you can have it done, as usually your period lasts about a week.

When I made the appointment early this week, I was happy to hear that a slot was available on Thursday. Nora would be at her grandparents’ for the day, and I wouldn’t have to worry about wrangling her at the office. The doctor had a packed schedule this week, so I felt fortunate that this would work out.

As is common in the lives of busy working moms, sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. The first one came when I found out my in laws couldn’t watch Nora this Thursday. No big deal, right? I’d just bring her with me to the appointment. Surely after a nap in the car on the way there, some pretzels would distract her while the IUD was put in…right?

Fast forward just four days, and Nora is sick with only the third cold she’s ever had. She’s stuffy, sniffly and snotty and miserable. But no big deal, I’m still thinking. And by no means will I reschedule, since then I’d have to wait another month or so for my next chance to do this.

Nora would need a nap around 1:00; my appointment wasn’t until 3:30. The plan was to drive to the area where my doctor’s office was and let my daughter sleep; we’d then go to the Old Navy I knew was nearby to get her some clothes for the warmer weather, before heading to the appointment. Best laid plans, right?

Nora fell asleep in the car right on cue. As I sat in the Old Navy parking lot, my gas light came on; I was running dangerously low. It wasn’t long before Nora woke up, way too early. She was cranky and upset, and her tears were letting me know it. I knew I’d never make it into the store so I decided to drive and find a gas station. We’d try the store after.

Nora was crying, HARD. She clearly needed more sleep and her stuffy nose was getting the better of her. I took a right out of the shopping plaza, which was a mistake. It took me to a residential area, rather than in the direction of a gas station. The farther I drove, looking for a place to turn around, the harder Nora cried. And then – she puked. Which surprised her and me. It was the first time she’s ever thrown up, and you could tell she didn’t understand what just happened. And it caught me off guard because I was driving and couldn’t do anything about it.

I found a spot to pull over and wipe her up. The poor thing was still so upset because I wouldn’t take her out of her seat. But I knew I had to keep going because I was now far from the main drag where the shops were and needed gas, BAD. So I turned around, and drove.

And as my poor, sweet girl kept crying and screaming, she puked again. Except this time, it went EVERYWERE. I knew I couldn’t make it to a gas station before cleaning her up for a second time. So I pulled over, again, and cleaned her as best I could. I was certain that I wouldn’t make it up the road to a gas station after making all these extra stops. At this point I’m upset that she’s so sick and upset that by the time I finally did pull into the gas station I could hardly think straight. I debated just going home, but again, it would mean waiting another month for the IUD, so I knew my best plan was to get to Old Navy, buy her a change of clothes, and push on.

I bought her a new outfit, pretty much grabbing the first thing I saw in my fog (I’m pretty sure it at least matched and was the right size). I changed her in a dressing room, and made it to my appointment on time (woot!) But, baby girl was still upset, and the pretzels, while she was eating them, weren’t working as a distraction.

My doctor was trying to explain to me over Nora’s cries everything I needed to know about the procedure. I pretended to hear her but I was too focused on comforting my girl. By this point I was thinking clearly, despite the chaos. I was fully in the mom zone. My priority was my daughter and calming her down. She wasn’t feeling well, was confused about what her body was doing, and upset that we were in an unfamiliar place. What was happening to me would just have to take a back seat. When it was time to get started, Nora wouldn’t stand next to the table; she absolutely had to be held. I really didn’t care what the doctor was saying or that I was experiencing any discomfort. Nora was my focus. So, we continued with Nora sitting on my stomach, crying and eating pretzels, while my doctor got all up in there with the IUD. We sang “The Wheels on the Bus,” Nora fed me her germy, half-eaten pretzels, and before I knew it Nora was calm and we were done.

I’m sure this will make a great story to tell her first date.

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3 comments on “It’s been one of those days”

  1. Holy Shit!!! Wow, you totally rocked that one, Mama! I’m VERY impressed and hope your little girl is feeling so much better (and also hope you got to take advantage of that hard-earned IUD!)

  2. Wow — what an afternoon. You also don’t mention how painful it is when you are fitted for an IUD. I admire you for making the appt! I would have cancelled immediately once the childcare fell through.

  3. Yikes, I know that feeling of being so overwhelmed that you just phase out!!!

    Did the OBGYN sing “Wheels on the Bus” with you? I’m just picturing this all mentally.

    At least you got the IUD put in!!! That was worth it all!

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