The Week in Review

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Here are some of the posts you might have missed from last week (April 8-12)

A Kitchen Full of Judgement by Melanie

1st Birthday Party Planning: Excel Sheet Style by Melissa

It’s Been One of Those Days by Christa

Video Blog: Tantrums and my Adult Tantrum by Katie

It’s How You Play the Game by Ann

Reduce Stress & Find Inner Peace – A New Mini-Series by Holly & Michelle

The Age of Exploration by Marie

What I Want for My Girls by Stephanie

“Bad” Kids Have Good Parents, Too by Elise

Thrifty Thursday: Colorful Coasters by Carly

Top 5 Kid’s Music Titles that Don’t Annoy Parents by Cora

She is Beautiful by Dena

Telling the Truth About Mommyhood by Michelle

A tiny glimpse of farm life by Jen

Should siblings be allowed to play-fight? by Sarah

Weekly Confession…. by Bev

What Do You Mean, “She’s an Introvert”?! by Kriste **Most Read**

Infirmary…Open for Business. by Jillian

Connecticut Flower Festivals by Patty

Justice, justice, shall you pursue…or perhaps not by Randi

Social Capital and Virtual Book Clubs by Sarah Bourne

I am the One In Eight. by Gena

Cord Blood Banking: Separating Fact From Science Fiction by Cara

Magical Monday: I Can’t Believe I’m Confessing This…. by Kate

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