Teacher Appreciation Week 2013

Being a mom is busy business as we all know but don’t forget to show your children’s teachers some love because next week, May 6th through May 10th, 2013 is Teacher Appreciation Week (Teacher Appreciation Day is Tuesday, May 7th)!

If you are fortunate like me and have exceptional teachers at your children’s daycare facility and/or school, this is a great time to show your teachers how much you appreciate their extra efforts and dedication.  I can honestly say that many of my kids’ teachers go above and beyond the call of duty and definitely deserve some praise for a job well done.  Hats off ladies!

The parents at my oldest daughter’s school put together a Teacher’s Brunch spread in the school’s Teacher’s Lounge and I happen to love this idea if you can coordinate with other parents but you can get the same thank-you message across to your children’s teachers with a simple card, fresh flowers, or even just a big hug.

Get the kids involved if you can because this is a great opportunity to teach our impressionable little souls the importance of giving thanks to those we appreciate in our lives.


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2 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation Week 2013

  1. Lills doesn’t have a “teacher” per se but I do give my daycare provider flowers every couple of months to say thank you. I just gave her a big bouquet last week!


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