She is two.

She is two.

She is an uncoiled spring.  Running, jumping, bouncing, climbing.  Spinning in the air.

Reaching for the iPhone.

She is two.

She is effervescence.  Belly aching giggles. Smiles.  Blowing kisses.  Asking for “hucks”.  Standing in the window to wave at someone going by.

photo 1
Playing in the sand at the Boston Children’s Museum


She is two.

She is fierce independence.  “No mommy me do dis.”  Refusing to sit in a stroller.  Putting on her own shoes (sometimes even on the right feet).  Climbing into the car and clipping her straps by herself.

photo 2
Teaching her 94 year-old great-grandmother how to use an app.

She is two.

She is hopelessly in love with her big sister.  “Wake up Ra” as she strokes Lovey’s cheek.  Following her around the house.  Getting Lovey’s coat when it’s time to go.  Sobbing when Lovey goes back to school after a break.

She is two.

She is inquisitive.  Puzzles, games, books, stickers, learning to count “1, 8, 9, 10, yeben”.

photo 4
“Mama me wead book.”

She is two.

She is mischief.  Climbing the counters, pouring juice on the table, eating lipstick and paper.

photo 3
After she ate my favorite lipstick.

She is two.  She is my sweet, spirited, energetic, beautiful girl.  She is love.

Happy Birthday Lovebug.

 photo 5

All photography by C. Fuss

NOTE: Honey and I make a conscious effort not the blast the internet and social media with our kids’ faces.  When they can make their own decisions about privacy they can share their image publicly.  Until that time, I share pictures that look like I’ve never used a camera and am not married to a former professional photographer.  Thank you for your understanding.


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