A Successful Ear Tube Surgery at a Wonderful Hospital


I know it’s been a few weeks since I last talked about my daughter’s ear tube issues and I am pleased to report that this past Wednesday she underwent surgery and it was a great success! All the worrying and stressing out leading up to surgery was not needed.

When we entered CT Children’s Medical Center promtly at 7:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, we automatically felt comfortable and at ease with the wonderful staff, nurses, doctors, assistants and anesthesiologists.

They were beyond organized, detailed and determined to make our experience nothing but the best.

Nothing calms parents down quicker, particularly the mother, when a hospital has their act together, is on schedule and ready to make a difference in the lives of their patient.

I truly believe our daughter felt the energy in the building as well, because she really was not stressed out, fussy or irritable. Now, after not having a bottle since 6PM the day before, that is really saying something.

With regards to the ear tube surgery and recovery itself, I believe it’s already making a difference for my daughter, because she could hear clearer from the moment we left the recovery room and she is even pronouncing words better. There is still some blood in her ears though, which is common and we have to apply drops for the next week, but other than that – recovery should be a breeze.

All in all, I learned a big lesson throughout the past four months and that is to always trust your instinct, go with what you feel is right and always have a good group of family and doctors helping you make the best decision for your child. I do not at all regret taking her to a chiropractor, in fact, I 100% believe it prevented her ear infections and helped to drain some, but not all of the fluid.

My advice to parents whose children are suffering from chronic ear infections, please try a chiropractor first. While unfortunately, it did not completely drain all of my daughter’s fluid, it did prevent the recurring ear infections she was suffering from.

5 comments on “A Successful Ear Tube Surgery at a Wonderful Hospital”

  1. I know you are disappointed that you ended up having to do the surgery at all but it sounds like you had a great experience. Just be proud of yourself for having tried the alternative; many people would not have.

  2. I am happy to hear your child is doing well. As I had written earlier, as a pediatrician, I was skeptical of the actual benefit of a chiropractor, as there is no evidenced based medicine that supports the treatment. However, I supported your decision to try everything possible before surgery as I felt it would make you feel better about your ultimate decision to have surgery. However, I do think by stating that people should try a chiropractor first as it “prevented recurring ear infections” is a little misleading. Infections are due to viruses or bacteria. No chiropractor can prevent infections. If you want to believe that chiropractors do something else, like relieve fluid, etc, that’s another opinion (again not supported by medical literature). I have read all yours posts and it seems like nothing resolved your daughter’s fluid (FYI, looking into a squirming toddler’s ears is not easy and so the “fluid” seen is frequently different depending on the practioner). This is NOT uncommon and in no way is anyone’s fault. Some kids just need tubes. And as a wrote before, there CAN be risks to chiropractic treatment which people do not realize (in addition to the sometimes out of pocket expense)!

    1. Hi Alison, thanks for taking the time to comment on this post. From my personal experiences my chiropractor allowed the fluid to drain (somewhat, not all, because you cant change the structure of an ear tube) from her ear through treatment and manipulations. You are correct, nothing fully relieved my daughters ear fluid, however, after seeing the chiropractor after having 5 ear infections in 8 weeks, she never had an infection again, because I believe he was able to drain most of the fluid. I have reasons for my own, in which I believe the medical community does not support or believe in chiropractic treatment. Also, yes you are correct that there are risks from seeing a chiropractor, but there are risks from everything, including being on 5 rounds of antibiotics at age 10 months in only 8 weeks, surgery, and the hearing loss associated with fluid in the ears. I would have paid anything to avoid surgery, within means that is, and in fact I did. No regrets about it. I am glad that I tried everything and that this is hopefully, all behind us. I appreciate you taking the time to read my posts each and every week and having a healthy exchange of opinions with me.

      I do though – have a new question for you. My daughter since birth has had a blocked tear duct and our PCP wants us to see an eye doctor and possibly surgery for this. Thoughts? How long can we hold out for and see if it goes away with massaging, warm compresses, etc?

      Have a great day.

  3. Don’t you feel so relieved that it is done and was not nearly as bad as you thought it would be. I am so greatful for CCMC and the care they provide and how effecient they are and that they run on time. We had a similar experience with our son when he had his tubes in.

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