Lost and found


A few things have gone missing around here lately.


The baby gate that used to block the entry from the dining room to the kitchen migrated to the basement.

Nora is more than steady on her feet, can understand direction when we give it to her (though she may not always listen) and loves to come and go as she pleases. She essentially has full reign of the house.


The Bjorn is buried under toys on the floor of the backseat of my car.

Nora has long since surpassed the weight limit on the Bjorn. I should know; I nearly threw my back out the last time I tried to walk any distance with her in the carrier. My big girl prefers to walk alongside me now, holding my hand in parking lots and crowded areas.


Our nursing cover is stuffed in a corner in the hall closet, somewhere.

I’ve nursed in public only twice since I decided to remove the cover from my diaper bag, surprising even myself that I was comfortable enough to do so. I guess after two years I just don’t care to bother anymore. Nora and I never liked that thing, anyway!


We may have noticed that a few of our daughter’s “baby things” are being phased out, but in their place we’re seeing our big girl emerge; one who is adventurous,

Photo credit C.Allard
Photo credit C.Allard


Photo credit C.Allard
Photo credit C.Allard


Photo credit C.Allard
Photo credit C.Allard

and fun!


Photo credit C.Allard
Photo credit C.Allard


3 comments on “Lost and found”

  1. We haven’t yet taken down the baby gates because they are great for keeping dogs in their places, too. Other than that, I’m with you on slowly phasing out some of the baby things. Some of them I’m happy to see go (goodbye, breast pump! don’t let the door hit you on the way out!) while others I’m reluctant to part with (my multitude of baby carriers).

  2. ADORABLE pics. I love the fact that we are purging the old and bringing in the new in the form of our mature, budding children. However, occasionally, I’ll find something behind the dryer or under the bed that is from when they were babies and it’s like a little treat that reminds me of all of the wonderful memories that these children are made of…

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