It Takes a Village…of Moms


My kids love the reaction they get from people when they randomly announce to strangers, “I have 3 moms!”.  Folks at the grocery store, the couple in the booth next to us at the restaurant…be warned, your reaction and response time is being tested!  I mean, 2 moms is soooo 2008.  3 moms and they are set for conversation starters and ‘2 truths and a lie’ material for life.

As Mother’s Day approaches, I can’t help but think of how blessed my children are to have all these mothers around them to learn from and celebrate.

From their biological mother they have gotten their intelligence and beauty.  As much as I like to joke that I’ve ‘loved them cute’, they came to us like that…stunning, with her beautiful almond eyes, perfect nose, and wide smile.   And dang those kids are smart.  Considering the fact that they outsmart me on the regular, I can’t take any credit for that.

From her they will also learn some very valuable lessons.  They will learn that love spans any amount of time or distance.  They will learn that humility is key to real strength.  They will learn that no matter the depths you find yourself in this life, you keep your chin up and press on.  Even the most unrealistic goals can be achieved and there is no darkness that is impenetrable to the light.

And then they’ve got their mama.  One of the best people in this world. The one I’m so lucky to call my wife.  From her they will learn about generosity and playfulness.  How to throw a ball and be a good sport.  From her they will learn about a different kind of strength – the kind that is quiet and persevering.  The kid that brings you through the worst losses, but still finds you smiling at the other end.

From her they get their warmth.  I remember the first time she hugged me – I had never felt something so warm, and good, and pure.  She loves with a love that is accepting, loyal, and unending and when she loves you, you know it every minute of every day.  They will learn how to love from her.

photo credit: AKD Photography

And from me?  Well, for one, I hope they learn how to pick a great spouse – one that has your back through anything life brings and makes you smile right on down to the tip of your toes.  I also fear that they’ve picked up quite a bit of my passion – there are some very high highs, and low lows in my house (sorry mama!).  But, I know that the ability to chase a dream with every ounce of your being will bring them far in this life…just the way it brought me right to them.

14 comments on “It Takes a Village…of Moms”

  1. Just beautiful. Sounds like you live in a house full of love! What lucky kids to have such positive influences in their lives.

  2. Elise, this is wonderful. I so love the last few lines ~ attributing the high highs and low lows to passion. Fortunately or unfortunately my kids have 2 very passionate parents! 😉 I also love what you said about chasing a dream with every ounce of your being ~ yes, that is something we share as well! I agree with what Meegs said about your kids inheriting your gift for writing ~ your posts get me every time. ♥

    1. Kate – my middle daughter is the most passionate of my bunch and they way we describe her is that she is “all in” to life. Whether it is sad, or happy, or silly, or sweet, she is all in. Reminds me of you 🙂

      1. That was beautiful Elise. I am so glad you and Andrea have each other and the kids to complete your family. You are awesome people. Hugs to you both..

  3. Tears. What a beautiful tribute to A and bio mom. And from you: let’s hope they get an ounce of your spunk and a good dose of your compassion and integrity. Who wouldn’t be blessed to have 3 moms?

  4. Elise, this is such a wonderful tribute to Mother’s Day. I know you are so well loved, that you will just be bursting with joy this Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day to you all!!

  5. Aw Elise. Your passion is a beautiful thing to share with them. I hope they also get your devotion to your loved ones, and your dedication to friendship. And heck, your ability to write would be an amazing gift to pass on as well!

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