MOM at Work


We’ve all driven through construction sites with the big orange signs telling us to slow down, “MEN AT WORK.”  Sometimes I feel like I should be wearing a bright orange construction vest or have one of these big reflective orange signs proclaiming, “MOM AT WORK.”  Like at my desk.  Or stamped onto every work e-mail I send out.  The reason?  Brain fried, ten irons in the fire, amendments to draft, bills to monitor, statutes to interpret, and negotiations to make.  Before I was a mom, it was no problem pulling all-nighters at work during the end of the legislative session.  Well, that’s a lie.  By the end of the last week of session I would usually feel like my eyes are about to pop out of my head or I could literally collapse under the weight of my high heels.  But I got through it, and then life went on as usual.  And then I became a mom, which means I have other people depending on me when I get home- ie: husband and 2 year-old who the last time saw me in person for dinner and bed time was about 2 weeks ago.  Face timing on the iPhone is today’s parenting victory.

This legislative session is no exception. Here are a few gems that have happened to me while I’ve been concentrating on saving democracy:

1.) I am spending two days this week sleeping over my parent’s house.  With Jake.  The husband is in Canada conducting a deposition, and with my late nights at work, the only solution for picking up Jake from daycare and ensuring bath, and bedtime occur was this solution.  So, when I do get to leave work and sleep,  I’m rooming with Jake in my old bedroom.  At my parent’s house.

2.) During session, we are surrounded by food.  Lots of food.  Food at legislative receptions, food in the caucus room, and an over abundance of fireballs, which, even though they are the devil, provide the perfect wake up kick at 10:30 at night.  BUT, this still does not stop anyone from the endless snacking and scrounging for more.  One night this week I was texting my CT Working Moms homegirl, Mary Grace at a situation going on at my desk:



Yes.  I’m the one eating her kid’s leftover peanut butter and jelly sandwich from like 3 days ago.  Look, it was sitting in the bottom of my Longchamp, and I was desperate, ok?

3.) I left my cell phone at my parent’s house.  I discovered it while in the Dunkin’ Donuts drive thru while attempting to call the husband to see how his drive to Canada was going, when I realized my Bluetooth wasn’t connecting to my phone.  You see, it only connects when the PHONE IS IN THE CAR WITH YOU.  I get to my desk, call my mom, who then tells me I’ve already received two texts, one of which was from one of my colleagues in the Senate asking to discuss a bill.  She then proceeded to call me on my work phone every time I got a text that day.  (Did I ever tell you how much I love her????)  Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but on a crazy day during session, Legislators, drafting attorneys, and my colleagues text non-stop.  This is our sole form of communication.  You should’ve heard how she tried to pronounce “Themis Klarides” after Rep. Klarides asked me to come out and see her in the Chamber.

So that’s life right now.  And until June 5 until session ends.  And if you see me running around the halls of the Capitol before then, maybe you should take heed- MOM AT WORK!


6 comments on “MOM at Work”

  1. HA! Yep, that sounds familiar, thank goodness not all days are totally like this, right? But so many are.
    Remember back before we were moms and we thought we knew what tired and stressed was?

  2. Loved this post! I havent had time to write about the craziness (insanity?) of our lives so THANKS for capturing it so well. Now Im off to my second dessert reception in 2 days – gotta work up my strength! xo. See you there?!

  3. Hahahahaha I LOVED this post Marie. A wonderful look at a mom’s daily life working for the legislature! I laughed out loud about the sleeping in your childhood room, with your kid thing. And yes – there is SO MUCH food during session, especially the last few weeks. Today I saw a BBQ, yes a BBQ happening literally right outside the Capitol doors. First time I’ve ever seen guys using a gas grill to make hot dogs for people inside the building.

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