Why I love Memorial Day!



I LOVE MEMORIAL DAY! I am sure you are just waiting there with baited breath wondering why? Well I will tell you…

A. Three day freaking weekend! I love my job but I love not working more…


B. It is always my birthday weekend! So this mamma gets to celebrate one year closer to death. ( Just kidding, I am a fetus compared to my 96-year-old grandmother)

Birthdays are imperative now as a working mother who is friends with other working mothers. Many of my close friends have hectic lives like myself but we always try to get together for each others birthdays. So even if we haven’t seen each other in months we always come through for birthdays. I have written in the past how imperative it is to keep your friendships going and birthdays help with this process.


So ladies what are you doing this weekend for Memorial day and how do you keep time for your friends amongst the craziness we call life?

6 comments on “Why I love Memorial Day!”

  1. I love hearing your voice in my head as I read your posts!! Happy Birthday, Dear Sister! Keep ROCKIN’ it!!!

  2. WOOO!! Happy Birthday, Momma!!!!! pop that bottle of Champers and do whatevs!!!! And yes- i live for three day weekends- i never appreciated weekends more than when i became a mom!!

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