Ode to Gillian

Gillian 16 years ago…..



Gillian:  Holy shit, how did I get here?

Mom:  Holy shit, what do I do now? Thank goodness for these bouncy chairs!

Gillian 15 years ago……


Gillian:  Hmmmmm…..

Mom:    My daughter is going to be a famous botanist.  The intensity of her flower gazing propensity is going to save the plant-based world someday.

Gillian 14 years ago……


Gillian:  Look, I’m just like Mommy, only I can dance while I’m talking on the phone and am much prettier.

Mom:   Isn’t she adorable?  She already knows how to use the phone!  When she’s older she will call me every day to tell me how much she loves me!

Gillian 13 years ago…..


Gillian:  Why does my mother insist I lie here in the snow with my arms and legs like this?  It’s very cold and I feel quite silly.

Mom:  Look, she already knows about snow angels.  She is a genius!

Moving along, so as not to subject you to 17 years of photos, this is Gillian today….

                    bio2                                                 gillian 002                                             bio picture

Gillian:   I am grown up, I have a job, I can drive, I have great friends and while it ain’t all perfect, I’m soooo ready to gooo.

Mom:  Holy shit, how did this happen?

I’m so not ready for her to go, but I guess that is the ultimate mother’s job.  I just hope I have given her enough to fly like she wants, return to my nest when she needs and then go back out and take on the world with gusto, passion and resolve.


7 thoughts on “Ode to Gillian

  1. What a great post! I love your perspective of a mom of a “grown-up.” Reminds me how quickly they grow-and-go. Happy Birthday!!


  2. She’s beautiful! You’ve done a great job as a mom. This post makes me a little sad because it makes me realize how QUICKLY time really does go by…


    1. Vivian – yes it does. Shockingly fast! Thank you so much for reading my blog and enjoy every minute because before you know it they are ready to go!!


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