Little Thanks + Nurses = Easier labor

I was talking with a colleague of mine the other day who is eight and half months pregnant with her first child and the conversation ran the gamut. We were talking about how excited she is to become a mother but also how scared she is of the whole actual labor process and how her experience would be at the hospital. She proceeded to ask me how my experience was.

Ugh I am smiling but was TIRED as shit after 12 hours of labor.
Ugh I am smiling but was TIRED as shit after 12 hours of labor.

I responded first with a disclaimer. You have to go in to the hospital with an open mind instead of a hard-core birth plan. With that said, I think you should go in with your preferences but when it comes to actual labor you will never know how it will go. Whether you have a natural labor (I hate even using that term as if giving birth any other way isn’t natural), medicated labor, c-section, suction, long arduous labor, short, fast labor you may not know or have it always go to plan. This is your first time experiencing the process of labor and whether you are having at home birth or birth at a hospital as much as you want to control the process you cannot rush or slow down when that little nugget wants to make its appearance to the world.

I wanna go back in!!!
I wanna go back in!!!

Since I am a known control freak and you cannot control the little bugger who is burrowing out of your vagina or belly, what can you control? You can help make your labor process at the hospital easier by showing some thanks.

Thanks? You may be scratching your head. What the hell is she talking about?

I am talking about the labor nurses and CNAs on your floor who will basically be helping you deliver your baby. I am going to let new mothers in on a little secret.  Your OB/GYN will not be there for a majority of your labor….it will be the labor nurses. They will be guiding you through the process.

These are the people by your side the whole proces! NURSES ROCK.
These are the people by your side the whole process! NURSES ROCK.

So if these people are helping you then I say give THANKS.

My labor was about 12 hours long and I spent 4 days total in the hospital and you know what I made my husband do everyday? Go get a box of joe or snacks for the nurses and I verbally thanked them over and over. By doing this small gesture every nurse on every shift was awesome and great. They made me feel comfortable, calm and were always upbeat and happy.

This idea is simple. People like to be told they are appreciated.

Who else but the people who will help me in this life altering process deserve to hear this? You can do this by a box of joe, snacks, or something of this nature. There are tons of cute craft ideas on Pinterest too. It is not about spending a lot of money but rather going a little above and beyond to show your gratitude.

Thank you basket ideas from pinterest!
Thank you basket ideas from Pinterest!

I did not have a home birth but I can only imagine this applies the same to a doula, midwife, or friends who are at home helping you through the process.

So ladies, you cannot control everything but remembering to say thank you with a small gesture will help make the crazy process of birth a little easier and more pleasant.

Any great ideas for saying THANKS? Did you go a little above or beyond for your delivery nurses and hospital staff? Please share so I can have ideas for the next go around.


5 thoughts on “Little Thanks + Nurses = Easier labor

  1. Nurses rock! We made sure to get coffee and cookies for the floor nurses and we also sent a very glowing letter to the admins specifically calling some of the nurses out for their awesomeness. Nothing says thanks like helping you get a raise!


  2. OMG. You look GORGEOUS after giving birth! I totally agree with this…we even had one nurse who stayed overtime because she wanted to see me through the birth. Nurses don’t get enough praise for all their really hard, back-breaking (and vericose vein inducing) work and a little gratitude goes a loooong way!


  3. Awesome tips and I love the whole idea behind this. People do love to feel appreciated and I love that you shared these great ideas about kindness.


    1. Oh do not be fooled! I fixed my hair and went to the bathroom before this pic! That is why my eyes looked glazed over! Lol


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