A Product Review: eos Brand Lip Balm & Shaving Cream


Have you heard of eos lip balm? I feel like there’s a bit of an eos craze right now!  I’ve been seeing these little bright colored balls of balm everywhere, so of course I had to get the scoop for you!


This product is basically a little ball of luxurious feeling lip balm in a pretty & unique package. It comes in seven flavors including pomegranate raspberry, strawberry sorbet, honeysuckle honeydew, summer fruit, lemon drop, medicated tangerine and sweet mint. Their marketing department deserves a high-five because the packaging and appetizing names of these balms makes you want to buy one of each!

One thing I was curious to investigate were their claims that the products are all natural. Many products today use the term “all natural” but secretly contain toxic chemicals and here at CTWM’s, we prefer to keep toxins out of the products we use and give our kids. So I went over to my trusted resource, The Skin Deep Database, and looked up these lip balms to make sure they weren’t pulling one over on us and…for the most part they are true to their word. All the balms except the Lemon and Medicated Tangerine have a low hazard rating. The two I just mentioned have a moderate hazard rating which you can learn more about by clicking here & here. So in my opinion, I would stick to the other 5 flavors that pose no potential health risks.

Eos gave CTWM’s enough product for all of our bloggers and a few of them weighed in:

Dena sent me this photo. Hmmm…something’s missing. Her daughter Ava took her new eos lip balm and claimed it for herself, so mama didn’t even get to try it! Just goes to show you that the balm is great for moms and kids alike.


CTWM’s blogger Katie says this lip balm is really creamy and smells delicious. “My lips have been so soft since using it. I love the design of eos as you really can bring it anywhere.”

photo (1)

CTWM’s blogger Christa has been a long-time user of Vaseline for her lips. She has been known to carry around a jar of it in her purse to keep her lips soft but admitted that she’s now an eos lip balm convert. That’s big people!

This is an all around wonderful product. It’s affordable too. Just the other day I saw it at Target for $2.99. At that price you might be able to afford scooping up one of each flavor! My only complaint is that two of the lip balms scored badly in the Skin Deep Database so keep that in mind when deciding on which flavors to pick up.

Eos also sent me their new shaving cream to review. I was really excited about that because I didn’t even know they make shaving cream!


I received the vanilla scented and hoped in the shower to give it a try. I’m use to using a shaving cream that goes on kind of thick and foamy and this product is the complete opposite. It pumps out more like a creamy lotion. I admit that I was nervous at this point. I was afraid that I might get razor burn because I have kind of sensitive skin and it didn’t feel like it covered the same way as my usual stuff. But I was very happily surprised that didn’t happen and in fact my legs felt really moisturized, even after getting out of the shower! This product is fairly affordable as well, I saw it in Walgreens for $3.99 but I’m sure you can get it at Target or your favorite store. (Note: I couldn’t find the shaving cream in the Skin Deep Database so can’t comment on that aspect)

20130525_163831 (1)

All in all I’m happy to report that these are great products that are affordable for working moms and the majority of the lip balms meet our standards for environmental safety.

Disclosure: CTWM’s received product for all 25 bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

2 comments on “A Product Review: eos Brand Lip Balm & Shaving Cream”

  1. Can you take another look at this cute, trendy product? There have been recent product concerns where the user experiences swelling, rash, skin burning and redness. These issues are not isolated. Thanks!

  2. Great review! I’ve seen them in Whole Foods and been tempted to buy them…now I will! I’ve been a lip balm addict since my Bonnie Bell Lip Smakers days (7Up and Cherry Coke flavors!), but those probably don’t meet the environmentally safe standard!

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