Working Mom Haiku


Working all day long

Little ones at home playing

Never ending guilt

  Mommy says Izzy

                                                You live to one hundred -I

Just one hour less

                                               Why? Because I don’t

Want to live a day without

                                     You in my life – Mom



Loving my career

Responsible but clearly

Having lots of fun…

028             blog5

 Watching daughters grow

                              Brightening and Beautiful

Born only to run

                           Cradling you so small

Holding your growing hand, let

                         Go with loving arms

Cello playing girl

Swimming for first place – goofy

Selfies crowd hard drive






Somber, serious

Wisdom, talent, long dark hair

Myst’ry girl so kind

blog6                                        006

 Fifteen hours – still not

Home – Metronorth rolls under

Foot – longing for sleep

 You want what? I say

That dress with holes in it you

Say – I’m getting old


They open up, you

Screw it up, you wait for a

Second chance – listen


You befuddle me

I bewilder you – oh what

Can we do but wait


3 comments on “Working Mom Haiku”

  1. These are beautiful! I especially love the one, “They open up, you screw it up . . .” Haikus are surprisingly hard but you have some great ones here!

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