Trying for a second..


So me and the hubby are trying for the second spawn in our family.

Yup, you heard right, we are on the old baby making train. Even though there are many things I cannot stand about pregnancy the end result is obviously amazing which is why we put ourselves through that hell over and over again. (Please do not bombard me with how fabulously easy your pregnancy was I may punch you in the face).

Ugh pregnancy is the only time you get hungover from no alcohol
Ugh pregnancy is the only time you get hungover from no alcohol

I had the worst first trimester ever with my first child and when I say ever, I mean I was admitted to the hospital for two weeks with Hyperemisis Gravadium. It was awful.

BUT since I am a half-full glass kind a chick, here are the good things about trying for another baby & pregnancy (or as I call it, my delusional rationalizations as to why I am signing up for this again):

1. Baby making time makes my hubby happy since I am screwing him more. Honestly sex is like the gym, sometimes I am so damn tired but I am so happy I went and even more happy when I orgasm.

Bow Chica Wow Wow
Bow Chica Wow Wow

2. Drinking a glass of wine every night (until I find out I am pregnant) does not seem weird because I know the impending doom. I do this because I know my love for wine is a no go especially in the first trimester. I do partake in a glass here or there after the first trimester, but waiting for those 12-14 weeks is hell for me 🙂

3. BIG ole boobies! I have always had small breasts but man they blow the hell up to DD’s and it is freaking amazing. I feel like a hot porn star!

I start looking like this lady...well boob wise anyway
I start looking like this lady…well boob wise anyway

4. Because you are pregnant and tired as fuck your husband allows much more leeway of sloth. This will undoubtedly be tougher with a toddler but I know my hubby he is great and will let me sleep in or get a a nap here or there. If nothing for his own sanity. Or else??!!!

Sloth! Get it??? (P.S. I love the movie)
Sloth! Get it??? (P.S. I love the movie)

5. MATERNITY CLOTHES! Ladies we all know how amazingly comfortable these outfits are and damn they are way cuter than the moo moo’s our mothers used to wear.

Sexy and I know it :-)
Sexy and I know it 🙂

6. For me, I get incredibly clear skin which is great since you can’t use anything with real zit fighting cleanser anyway while preggo.

7. I will even turn my morning sickness positive: I always lose some weight….

8. My hair is thick but it turns into a damn horse mane! Seriously I could do a Pantene proV commercial, of course I would look like a disheveled homeless person from tiredness but still.

Gorgeous Hair isn't it?! Crazy hormones do this shit
Gorgeous Hair isn’t it?! Crazy hormones do this shit

9. People are just nicer to pregnant women. For some reason whether it’s empathy, excitement or sympathy other people go out of your way to help you.

10. Since you feel like crap the first trimester and are tired with pelvic cracking pain in the third, you can get out of events you may not otherwise have! Think about it ladies? Hate your mother in law? “Oh sorry I am throwing up?” Don’t want to go to your husbands golf tournament? “Oh hun I am so constipated, oh wait nope now it is diarrhea.” WORKS EVERY TIME!

So ladies what are the things you love about pregnancy besides the obvious of creating a life?

10 comments on “Trying for a second..”

  1. good luck!! I never gained weight, I actually lost 50 lbs when I was pregnant with our twins…….and that’s about all that was positive about being preggers. I give you major props for finding the good things and focusing on that!

    1. Wow that is amazing that you lost 50 lbs! I have to stay positive lol or else it may not happen

  2. Katie, You’re AWESOME! And like Melanie said, I LOVE that you’re blogging about ttc!! I hope it continues. Thanks for always making me laugh until I wet my pants!

  3. Loved this, so funny, and it is nice to have someone openly blog about TTC. It is usually such a private event … hope you have some fun stories to share about the process! Erm, not the literal process, but you know.

  4. I got pregnant some 8 years ago and had a healthy little boy. After all these years my pregnancy seems like a dream where it was perfect, I looked hot and nothing went wrong! But that’s my fear, that what I remember my pregnancy being like and what it really was like will come crashing down! We’re trying for a child (my 2nd, his 1st) and these memories of horrid back pain, swollen ankles and painful burpage after everything I ate or drank are flooding back. It’ll be worth it, right?

    1. I am a firm believer that is why they make babies sooo damn cute! I am so excited we are in this together! I hope you get preggo real soon.

      1. You too! And crossing fingers for a smoother second sailing this time around!

  5. Ha ha ha Katie! Always looking on the bright side! I gotta admit- i am NOT a happy preggo lady. I just can’t pull off that look of “loving glow, basking in the warmth of child bearing” oh hell no! My sympathies for each and every preggo annoyance. And definitey drink up that wine while you can.

  6. So true and so funny! I think I napped EVERY.SINGLE.EVENING while preggo during the first two trimesters while hubby took care of: laundry, dishes, dinner and then would wake me holding a glass of ice cold lemon water (for my nausea and to generally hydrate). Why can’t every day be like that??! Now he’s like, “Get your own freaking water…”

  7. Good luck! And you never know, your next pregnancy could be a lot different! Wishing that your next one is throw-up free 🙂

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