Pinterest WIN! DIY Fabric Hoop Tutorial


Hey busy Mommas- I’m happy to report a huge Pinterest DIY craft project WIN that anyone can pull off.  I am a pretty adventureous sewer, quilter, and DIYer.  But with a 2 year old running my life running around, doing extended projects such as sewn handbags and quilts is just not something I can whip up in the speed I used to.  Enter the sewing-machine-free project of Fabric Hoops!


This simple project requires fabric, wooden embroidery hoops of various sizes, and a glue gun.  That’s it.  No sewing machine, no rotary cutter, and no measuring.  I’m telling you, it’s totally fool proof!!

You simply pick out a variety of fabrics, place them in the embroidery hoop, trim along the edges, and secure the trimmed edges with the glue gun.  Yeah. That’s it.  These are great for kids’ rooms, over living room sofas, and perfect in your kitchen with some kitchy fabrics.  The possibilities are endless!


To hang them, lay them out in any way you choose- an abstract oval formation, or even a curved arc.  Then, once you are happy with the placement, pop a clear thumbtack in the wall and hang them up.  See? I told you guys this was easy!!


5 comments on “Pinterest WIN! DIY Fabric Hoop Tutorial”

  1. Love it! Now if only I can figure out how to work my glue gun. I won a cheap one at a yankee swap once and it didn’t work. Any good ones you recommend?

  2. Awesome! A similar, and also very easy, idea: cover plain squares of cork with the fabric and make it functional as well as decorative.

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