Product Review: CleanWell Botanical Cleaners and Fabric Spray

CleanWell Cleaning Line: Fabric Spray, Bathroom Cleaner, All Purpose Wipes, and AP Spray
Photo Credit: Dena Fleno

When it comes to cleaning my house, if you follow me you know that it is a reluctant chore that is not on the top of my list.  I do not have floors you can eat off of and the bathroom sink often looks like an alpine slide from all the toothpaste spit (Win for brushing the kids teeth, though!).  The good folks at CleanWell have come out with a newer cleaning product line and were kind enough to send over some for me to try!

My experience with this company has been good.  I usually stock up on their Hand Sanitizer to put in school backpacks or keep in the car.  It really helps in the potty training years when “I gotta go!” means I had to go five minutes ago and you better PULL OVER NOW LADY!  I have known their products to be toxin free and rate well with my trusty EWG.  I was excited ( and so was my husband) to try out their cleaning products!

When I DO clean I usually use homemade stuff, so I was interested in seeing if CleanWell products would persuade me to spend a little extra cash next time company comes over and I need to clean.

CleanWell’s website and the fact sheet they sent me boast that their products do not contain synthetic fragrances, dyes, ammonia, alcohol, or chlorine.   They also state that they have no fine print or cautionary statements or first aid warnings because they are completely safe and rinse-free, even for food contact surfaces. While I applaud CleanWell for listing ALL of their ingredients on their website (home care products are not required to do so), it is no where on the ACTUAL products.  Many consumers do not go to the websites of the products they buy to look up the ingredients, but if it is right there on the package will pay more attention to it, and be more impressed when those ingredients are safer (and more pronouncable) than others.

All of the products are based on a proprietary blend of botanicals, primarily Thyme Oil, that give them their disinfecting properties and make them both antibacterial and antiviral, killing 99.9% of all household germs.  If you do not like the smell of Thyme, these may not be for you, but I personally find the smell to be pleasant and refreshing.

Botanical Disinfecting Wipes- $3.99 for 35ct
Photo Credit: Dena Fleno

I would TOTALLY shell out the extra cash for these babies!  They were very convenient and did the job I asked them to do.  I did the table, counter tops, and even the bathroom MIRROR with them and all surfaces were clean and streak-free!  I was so impressed I gave them the ultimate job to see what they could do- the CAR!  Months old Cheerio crud and whatever-could-that-white-goop-be that is stuck in the cup holders is a test for any cleaner, and CleanWell wipes PASSED with flying colors!  My only complaint is that they come out of the container a little TOO wet, and the first wipe is a bit sloppy- nothing a second swipe can’t fix though.


Botanical Disinfectant All Purpose Spray- $3.99 for 26oz
Photo Credit: Dena Fleno

 This is the same as the wipes but in a spray.  This worked FANTASTIC on my shiny black gas stove top that streaks and clouds no matter how long I scrub it.  This spray left it clean (even the caked on gunk) and streak-free!  If you are looking for a great all-purpose cleaner with more bang for your buck this is the way to go- it does just as well as the wipes, but a bit less wasteful.  Need quick and convenient?  Go with the wipes.  Need more product for greater area?  Go with the spray.  Need both convenience and lots of product?  Get both!


Botanical Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner- $3.99 for 26oz
Photo Credit: Dena Fleno

The ingredients list on the website seems to list all the same ingredients as both the Disinfecting Wipes and Spray, the only difference being that the bottle is labeled “Citrus Scent” versus “Lemon Scent.”  I couldn’t really tell the difference and would probably just stick with the All-Purpose Cleaner for the bathroom.  I DID try to go “off-label” a bit and try it on the toilet bowl to not much success… I’ll have to stick with toilet bowl cleaner for THAT job!

Botanical Fabric Deodorizer- $3.99 for 18.5oz
Photo Credit: Dena Fleno

This is a non-toxic competitor for the Febreeze crowd!  Definitely helps with odors of all kinds.  I have 2 kids, a husband, a cat, and a dog- at any given point one of them is producing some sort of foul odor and this helped to get rid of it!  Works on the carpet, the stinky shoes, the car, even the dog blanket.  Definitely a win in my book!


All in all I think that CleanWell’s line is a great alternative to the toxic products that line the shelves.  While there is a need for more direct disclosure, they are leaders in the industry of providing consumers with full disclosure and transparency about what they are putting in their products and eventually in our homes.  I would definitely recommend them as a safe and effective cleaning product!

Disclosure:  I received the 4 products listed in this review in exchange for an honest review.


One thought on “Product Review: CleanWell Botanical Cleaners and Fabric Spray

  1. Dena – I don’t think this was a fair and balanced review. You neglected to mention one thing about the Cleanwell Botanical Disinfectant Lemon Scent – This product stinks! It’s advertised as Lemon Scent but there is absolutely nothing lemony about it. It reeks of oil of oregano – and smells clinical. It’s falsely advertised, and when I contacted the company to complain they didn’t care. If you like a clinical, harsh scent lingering in your kitchen, then this is the cleaner for you. If you like lemony fresh cleaners, then this is not what you are looking for. Why didn’t you write that the product reeks? My wife and kids were repulsed by the smell, and I barely tolerated it.


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