It’s Summertime, And I Will Be Drinking My Calories!


There is something delicious about summertime isn’t there?

For me, that deliciousness involves iced coffees, mocha frappuccinos, prosecco, cosmopolitans, fresh magic hat #9, coffee frappes or  chocolate fribbles.

Photo Credit: Sarah Bourne Perillo

It’s summertime, and I am making the informed decision to drink my calories, thankyouverymuch!

Do you find it difficult to stick to your diet and exercise routine throughout the summer? Have you checked out Working Moms on the Move? If not, you are completely missing out, so you better head over and see what we are all about. Working Moms on the Move has helped me to stay motivated, and stick to my work out routine, even in the grueling summer months. And for me, it’s even more important to maintain consistency, because I cannot stay away from the delicious drinks of summer.

I did a little leg work to see what was behind my favorite summertime drinks, and it wasn’t pretty:

A small Dunkin Donuts iced coffee with cream and sugar is 120 calories,

A grande frappuccio from Starbucks has over 400 calories,

A 6 ounce glass of prosecco (oh please, as if) is 120 calories,

A 4 ounce cosmopolitan contains over 200 calories,

One Magic Hat #9 has over 150 calories,

There are over 500 calories in the average coffee frappe,

and there are over 800 (OUCH!) calories in a chocolate fribble.

While I fully understand the importance of maintaining your health regimen, it’s not summer unless I’m sipping one of these delicious drinks. The important lesson is moderation. While I could drink one of each of these everyday, I limit myself to one special drink per day (except for coffee, sorry, that’s just a staple in my diet) and I alternate the time of day that I drink it. No, I don’t start my day of with a cosmopolitan…but I’m careful not to fall into the habit of having a frappuccino every afternoon when my work day is dragging. I try to change it up.

Also, I increase my exercise routine in the summer to account for the extra calories. Plus, summer is such a great time to start a new exercise routine, change an existing one, or kick it up a notch! Enjoy your favorite summer drinks and enjoy the reward of summer exercise.

Do you have a favorite summer drink, do you know how many calories it has, do you care?

How do you maintain your diet and exercise routine over the hot summer months when all you want to do is indulge? Please, share your thoughts and help to save one of your fellow sisters from squeezing into her favorite pair of too tight corduroys, come September!

3 comments on “It’s Summertime, And I Will Be Drinking My Calories!”

  1. I don’t drink coffee so the only thing I can ever get at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts are the drinks that are basically just milkshakes with caffeine, the really high-calorie ones. Good thing I don’t partake in those very often!

  2. Great post! The calories in drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, shock me every time I see them! I make it a point to only go to Starbucks once in a while for a frappuccino treat, and I ask for it with no fat/no wip. I also try to do more excise to make up for the fact that I like to enjoy a glass of wine…or two! I also use the summertime to eat super healthy Breakfasts and lunches. Cereal with fresh fruit and salads with fresh fruit on the side are a delicious summer treat!

  3. Ummm this post makes me want to go get an iced soy latte! 😛 Good thing I work right near a starbucks!

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