Embracing The Chaos Of Newborn Twins, A Toddler And Moving To A New Home



After 3 months of maternity leave, I am thrilled to be back. I am more tired than before and am learning to do almost everything with one hand (such as type!) since one hand always seems to be holding a child. Life is crazier than ever before so I thought my first post back should be a glimpse into our chaos:

Last week, the movers packed up our home of the last 12 months. You have heard it takes a village and that was true with this move. We had: Alex, my husband; J, our beloved babysitter; C, our life-saving aunt who flew in (from Argentina!) at the 11th hour to lend another pair of hands; and B, who flew in at the end of the week (from Canada!) to help unpack. And I could have still used another 2 or 3 sets of hands to help manage my toddler and 9 week old twins.


The amount of shit we have is astounding. Stuff we don’t use now but hope to one day again. Stuff that has sentimental value that we cannot purge. Stuff from when Aiven was a baby that we may, or may not, use with the girls. Stuff that is useless that we just can’t get rid of (college books and notebooks anyone?). And lastly, wedding gifts that have not made it out of the box. Really, I would LOVE to try that sewing machine one day. That’ll probably be the day I make a quilt out of old baby clothes, college textbooks, and my grandmother’s china.

I am overwhelmed at how much there is to unpack. And there is a brand new room to set up for the girls! An ENTIRE NEW ROOM. Just thinking about the cribs, cabinets, and poop pail I will have to build because my husband overthinks using a hammer makes me exhausted. I dream of crawling into bed for a week, but I will be lucky if I crawl into bed at all the next few days. Except maybe to nurse my hungry little girls. At least my husband has taken the week off from requesting sexy time. I actually think he is as exhausted as me at this point. But, as I have always said, if you change your place, you change your luck. And since we found our new home to move into, things have been pretty swell. My husband got a job (for which he had to fly out for an interview when the babies were less than 3 weeks old). Our home business is doing well and we are selling out of our dairy-free NutCheeses across Southern California.

Most importantly, our kids are thriving and growing — much too quickly, for sure — and making us as proud as ever. And so, I owe you, my faithful readers 🙂 more of my stories of the last 3 months: the pre-eclampsia and the C-section and the crazy world of life with twins and a dynamo of a toddler. So bear with me, more is coming, as fast as I can type with one hand on a breast pump. The adventure has just begun!


13 comments on “Embracing The Chaos Of Newborn Twins, A Toddler And Moving To A New Home”

  1. Cara, I have been eating up your photos of the whole family and really enjoying watching the babies develop. I am SOOOO glad you are out of that other toxic house. By the way, I still have my college and law school textbooks, and possibly notebooks, too, and although I have saved them for decades, I have never looked at them even once. Maybe it’s time to pitch them!

    1. Thanks, Randi 🙂 And I know how hard it is to get rid of those college textbooks and notebooks. They hold so many memories, right?

  2. After reading your post Cara, it brought back a ton of similar memories. My twin boys are now 11, but the first two years of their life were exhausting! The two things that stood out for me from my own experience was the sleep deprivation followed by having to always carry extra clothing in the car due to constantly leaking from having too much milk from nursing and pumping (No Joke). When you mentioned never having enough hands to help…you are so on the money with that statement!
    To be honest, I couldn’t imagine how you were able to do all the things you did…But reassuringly, it definitely gets easier as they grow. So remember to have a little MOM time if you can squeeze it into that busy schedule of yours. I can recall going to visit a girlfriend in Florida and I slept 3 days straight!
    Good luck with your home business and returning back to work. If you ever need a little extra childcare help outside of your baby sitter, MichelIe has my info as I’m the Area Director in CT for an Au Pair Agency and have many extra hands who would absolutely love to help you out. Your girls are adorable!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Marie. If I went away for 3 days I think I would sleep for 3 days straight as well!

      I would love to know more about Au Pairs. Let’s get in touch!

  3. GEESH! I want to take a nap FOR you! How amazing that you were able to do all this ~ and one thing is for sure, you’ll never forget it! Congrats on your SoCal success!!!!!

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I actually managed a one hour nap yesterday! It was glorious. I napped under the air conditioner.

  4. I LOVE those girls. Every picture I see I literally say “awwww” out loud. You are such a strong woman, glad to have you back and can’t wait to read more about your adventures in motherhood!

  5. I LOVE YOUR BABIES!!! OMG, how I remember those days of chaos with the newborn baby twins – and you had so much more to deal with. You’re an amazing woman to have made it through all of that!!!

    1. Thanks! Still seems like there is much more to get through. I am just holding on and trying to enjoy the ride 🙂

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