How to Properly Take Care of “The Babies”


Allow me to introduce you to (from left to right,):


Goo-goo Baby, Backpack Baby, Bella, and Little Baby. These are “the babies” and they are very important to my girls.

This past weekend I received a folded up piece of construction paper and a lengthy lecture on my “instructions” for properly taking care of the babies, when and if, I am asked to babysit.

My instructions were as follows:

If a baby cannot sit up by herself, do not let her fall over and slam her head on the floor.

If a baby has eyes that open and shut carry her sideways to keep her eyes closed when she is napping, and when she is ready to wake up, put her over your shoulder and her eyes will open. If a baby only has eyes that stay open, be quiet when she is napping because she wakes up easily.

If a baby is napping and you need to clean the toyroom DO NOT throw her into a toy bin…would you like it if someone treated you like that when you were napping?

Babies can hear what you are saying even when you think they can’t.

If you need to sit on the couch, but a baby is napping or playing there, do not sit down right next to her because you weigh too much and the cushion will move and the baby might roll off the couch, and that is really mean.

If the babies are hungry feed them.

The baby bath tub is also a crib, so they can sleep in it.

These babies always sleep through the night and they like to sleep late on the weekends.

The babies do not need a car seat to ride in the car, but they do have to ride inside the bathtub and rest on a lap.

If the babies are crying when a show or a movie is on, just ignore it, or ask someone else to pick them up, or ask them to “please be quiet!”

It is ok for the babies to wear their pajamas, all day, every day.

Wow! Taking care of the babies is a lot of pressure. I really hope that the next time that I am asked to babysit I do not let anyone down. Oh, and the best part, I get paid for babysitting…I get coins that have to go in the piggy bank with the name PARKER written on it!

7 comments on “How to Properly Take Care of “The Babies””

  1. Those are some very lucky babies! I can just picture you all at the grocery store, everyone with their own carriage 🙂

  2. This is hilarious! I bet they told you this with very serious looks on their faces, like they were taking a chance trusting you with their precious babies. I mean come on, what do YOU know about taking care of babies?! And that thing with the piggy bank? PURE EVIL GENIUS.

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