Haircuts and Toddlers



Look at those Locks!! i am in LOVE!

It’s about that time… My son is two and a half, and we have been getting by trimming his hair with a pair of barber shears, but my husband thinks it’s high time we take him to a kid’s salon and have the pros sculpt Jake’s locks of sweet wispy hair.  I have been fighting tooth and nail over this for some time.  I love my son’s long-ish locks, and he has a set of natural brown and blonde highlights any woman would drop good money to replicate.  He has these sweet little curls that hang right around his ears, and I just love running my hands through them while he’s resting on me at night before bed.  I’m terrified that these locks will be chopped off in seconds, and he’ll start to look older than I’d like.  I’m also secretly terrified that he’ll have a freak out at the hair cutting place and be scarred for life and be forever afraid of a pair of scissors.  My cousin had a similar quandary with her son and put up a poll on her blog to have the readers decide.  In the end she chose cut, but not a decision to be made lightly!

So moms- any tips or ways to bribe a kid into getting them

1.) in the chair for a haircut, and

2.) avoid a freak out as much as possible?

Anyone? Anyone? Beuller? Beuller?

7 thoughts on “Haircuts and Toddlers

  1. […] Last week I posted about the anxiety I was having over cutting my sweet son’s locks of Hockey Player Hair.  I totally loved all of the tips from our dear readers, and my husband and I took Jake to a very kid-friendly salon, Snip-Its, in Southington.  From the moment we walked in the door I was already thinking this was the way to go.  It looked like a ride at Disney World! TVs at every haircut station playing movies for kids, fun colors all over the place, mirrors, toys, and everything was perfectly at Jake’s height.  Now, we hadn’t even approached a stylist’s station yet, but already I was feeling hopeful that there would be no meltdowns.  Jake took to the place like a champ, and sat very patiently still during his little 5 minute trim.  He was so absorbed in all of the action and colorful contraptions around him, that I wonder if he even knew what was going on up there!  In the end, he left with quite the big boy hair cut (again, I’m not exactly thrilled to have lost my edgy surfer dude hair cut on him), and a little beach ball prize he earned from being such an awesome kid.  We treated him to a McDonald’s happy meal for lunch, and checked off “First Professional Hair Cut” in the books!! […]


  2. When we brought Cole, he didn’t want to sit down (either by himself or in our laps) so our hairdresser had him just stand next to the chair and she knelt on the floor and chatted with him as she slowly cut his hair (letting him turn his head on his own). It worked out great – and he thankfully was not traumatized (I was so worried I’d be setting him up for a lifetime of hating it!!)


  3. When we had Cody’s hair cut he sat on his daddy’s lap and our wonderful stylist (who is great with kids anyway) did a great job of moving with him. No one MADE him turn his head any way, our stylist just went with the flow and cut where she could. We think the key was letting Cody make the rules of where he wanted his head to go and no one freaked out on him, no one tried to force him to do anything he didn’t want to. It took a while longer than it should have but I would rather have to spend some extra time in the salon than have my kid scared for life over a hair cut! Oh, he was a year old when we got it cut. Zachary is going to need one soon too!


  4. Scissor Kids in Glastonbury. He will get to sit in a car and watch a video. He’ll have no idea they’ve even made the first, except for the tear in your eye. They even give you a certificate with a lock if sweet baby hair and a picture.


  5. Wherever you choose to have the locks sheared, pick some up off the floor and put it in your jewelry box. I still have Katie’s strawberry blonde locks when we first cut her hair. Years from now you will look at them and smile. Really.


  6. KIDS SALON! 🙂 If they scream there…you don’t get the “looks” you’d get other places. Ours even blows bubbles at them while they cut! But Josh STILL screamed through the first two…hahahahaha. Jake does have GREAT hair…


  7. There use to be a kids salon in West Hartford run by Six Flags, had roller coaster chairs for seats, video games to place, characters, you name it they had it. I don’t think they are around anymore but if you could find a place like that it might help.
    I know what you mean about waiting, I haven’t cut my 2 1/2 daughters hair cause of the curlys and since she really never had bangs it just all goes back, but evetually I will have to break down and cut it a bit.


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