My Love Affair with Kid President

Have you heard of Kid President? When I watched his video called A Pep Talk from Kid President for the first time many months ago, I sat at my computer and hit the replay button over and over. I’m a sucker for inspirational messages. I love to watch things that make me feel moved, make me cry, make me want to be an even better person. So naturally I had to watch every video from this adorable and wise young man.

Turns out he’s part of a YouTube channel called Soul Pancake (what’s not to love about that name?!). They have LOTS of different inspiring videos and I’ve found myself totally immersed in them from time-to-time. Today, to brighten your day, I’ve put together some of my favorite videos for you below. Each video will lift your spirits and leave you feeling inspired. And these videos are totally kid-friendly so if you think your kiddos might enjoy them, I strongly encourage you to sit down and watch these together.



Feeling inspired now? Tell me in the comments! I just might have to make this a monthly thing 🙂

7 thoughts on “My Love Affair with Kid President

  1. I am LOVING these! The gratitude one and the compliment one made me teary! THIS is the shit I want to see on the news at night ~ THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT! Thank you, Dear Sister!


  2. Kid President is awesome – I saw that one a while back when it streamed somewhere (Yahoo, maybe?). Thank you for sharing those links! I LOVED the Science of Happiness one – I wish they showed more of those clips!!!


  3. I can already tell I’m going to love these! (Watched the kid president one months ago.) Saving to watch later when my kiddos can join me! ♥


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