We Are Young

Nobody needs to tell anybody that being a parent is a BIG responsibility.  It’s the biggest responsibility when you think about it.  Sure, your career is important but if you mess up at work and get fired, you can always get a new job.  If you forget to pay a bill, you might incur a late fee but there is no real harm done.  However, when it comes to your kids, you only get one shot at this mom thing and it can be stressful to have so much responsibility on your shoulders. 

Yup, being a mom is a huge responsibility and it’s hard work.  As moms, we spend a lot of time every day doing things that are not all that fun – laundry, cleaning, reprimanding, scheduling, washing, worrying, scrubbing, scowling, consoling, and sometimes yelling (hey, it happens).  There are good days and there are ugly days and there are really ugly days. 

The journey of motherhood is an emotional roller coaster and the responsibilities of having kids can age us well beyond our years if we let them, but we are only as old as we feel. 

I’ve probably said this before but I sometimes still feel like a kid myself.  I’ve got some gray hair but nothing a little dye can’t take care of.  I’ve got a few wrinkles but they won’t stop me from smiling, or laughing uncontrollably.  I may be rapidly approaching 40 but I am a kid at heart.

What’s my secret?  What keeps me feeling young?

I dance – with my kids, with my friends, by myself in the laundry room.  It doesn’t matter where or with who.  Shaking your booty will keep you feeling young.

I eat ice cream with sprinkles.  I drink Shirley Temples.  I sometimes put ketchup on hot dogs.  These tasty treats are not just for kids.

I go running in the rain and stomp in puddles after a storm.  Kids aren’t the only ones who can play.

I drive with the music ridiculously loud and sing along.  I sing in the shower.  I love karaoke. 

I laugh with my girlfriends as often as I can.

I love my husband.  Even when I am mad at him, I love him.  Love will keep you feeling young.

The next time you start to feel old and bogged down by parenthood, try to forget your responsibilities for at least a few minutes and do something fun. 

You don’t have to sacrifice fun to be responsible.  Moms need to have fun too.


Fun at Story Land
Fun at Story Land

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