Oh yes. I went there. It’s August and I’m thinking about Halloween. Here’s why:

  1. It’s unseasonably cool this week.
  2. It’s been unbearably hot this summer. I’m over it.
  3. I’m not quite over it enough to want snow, however.
  4. We’re moving to a cul de sac and my kids will be able to trick or treat at home for the first time EVER!
  5. This is so happening. [source]

I KNOW. If only I had a sewing machine! Or any sort of sewing SKILLS. Or the time to make this. I don’t know. I might have to figure out a way because come on. The pigeon and the duckling? My kids would go BANANAS.

I credit Mo Willems with the fact that I can now add hotdogs to the very short list of foods Olivia will eat. Yes, circumstances are so dire that I am JUBILANT over hotdogs. Why are hotdogs so good, anyway? They’re made of… not good stuff. I don’t understand the physics of this. OK, this post is going off the rails.

Topic? HALLOWEEN! Are you thinking about it yet? If you have multiple children do you try to dress them in a theme? Am I the only parent mean enough to do that? And, if so, how many more years can I get away with it before Olivia 86s my ideas? She’s four.

Tell me everything! Happy Halloween (two months early)!

4 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. We do coordinated costumes in our house. Lovey actually likes it and Kittens too young to protest. Last year they were Doc McStuffins and Lambie. This year Lovey wants to be a witch and thinks Kitten should be a cat. Did I mention I make most of the Halloween costumes? Total dork.


  2. Ha! Every day here is Costume Day! We seriously have an entire closet full of various costumes, mostly superheroes. Since Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday, so far I get to choose their costumes. Not sure how much longer that will last (Big is four) but I’m milking it as long as I can.


  3. Dylan would want the sign saying “LET ME DRIVE THE BUS!” I love it. We’re already talking about it, but thanks to my total lack of creativity, and the boys interests, we will probably have Batman and the Hulk in our house this year.


  4. Every day, starting the day after Halloween, Zo starts talking about what she wants to be next year…She loves looking at costumes online on my tablet. But she gets wicked pissed when I don’t order her something RIGHT NOW! Can’t wait til she grasps the concept of time and the calendar! I love Halloween but always have lame costume ideas. Love living vicariously through people way cooler than me.


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