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Relatively new to the pregnancy scene is the concept of Push Gifts.  Essentially, your husband or partner gives you a gift for “pushing” the baby out.  Also taken into consideration with the gift is the oh, nine months of pregnant bliss you have endured to carry your new bundle of love.  Push gifts can come in a variety of forms- jewelry, spa days at salons, a few months of professional house cleaning, a handbag, a case of wine, or pretty much anything that tells the new mother, “You are an amazing woman, and mother to my child, and I appreciate everything you did and will do to help care for our offspring.”  Push gifts can also be reciprocated by the new mom to her husband or partner-  Her special way of saying, “Thank you for everything you have helped me with during these last nine months.  I really appreciated it when you left the house at 1:30 in the morning for a half an hour drive to the 24 hour McDonald’s drive thru to pick me up a Chicken McNugget Happy Meal, and for humoring me when I kept insisting that upon the birth of this child I will still resemble the state of Texas.”

After our son was born two years ago, my husband treated me to the most amazing push gift- a Burberry handbag.  Being the Accessories Queen Bee that I am, he read my mind and picked out the perfect-sized tote that was big enough for me to carry around a few diapers, toy cars and stuffed animals, as well as being fashionably sized for everyday use to and from work and errands.  I cherish that gift- both the gesture, and the sentiment behind it.  I returned the favor of him putting up with a fairly moody and uncomfortable, sometimes panicky and irrational pregnant lady by gifting him with a Cam Neely Boston Bruins jersey.  A huge fan since his childhood, he was as happy as a 10 year old boy on Christmas morning when he opened that box up to find the jersey inside.  Still today, he puts that jersey on for every single Bruins game, and loves telling our son all about his favorite team.

With our second child on the way in a few weeks, the concept of push gifts has come up again in our house.  I’ve been batting around ideas in my mind about what to get the husband this time around, but I can’t really share them here (he’s an avid reader, Moms!!!) and I do have the sneaky suspicion that he will be returning the favor in a similar manner as he did two years ago.

So what say you, Moms & Dads- Have you received a Push Gift? What do you think of the concept?  If you could get or give one, what would it be?

7 comments on “Push Gifts”

  1. I did not get one either time (we just are not that organized hahahaha) but my grandmother got a gorgeous diamond cocktail ring when she had my mom. Of course, my grandfather was a jeweler, so he really had no excuse haha. But she took the ring and eventually had it made into smaller pieces of jewelry for my mom and for me which was so nice because of the significance. Love the idea!!

  2. My wonderful husband gave me a ruby right hand ring and a “C” and a “Z” charm for my Chamilia bracelet when our twins were born. We got married in the month of July and I had been wanting a right hand ring for a while. I appreciated the thought so much and while, yes, my babies were amazing gifts, it was so nice to have something for me, and for everything I went through as well. I wear my ring every day.

    1. I think the idea of something commemorating their “birth” day that you can have with you when they’re grown is kind of nice. I wish I’d thought to ask for even a simple necklace or ring as a memento. Of course the child is a wonderful gift, but it’s such a special occasion I like the idea of a memento and celebration of that.

  3. I first heard of push gifts recently when a friend of mine said that she screamed out “BMW!!!!” while she was in labor.

    We’re not huge gift givers to each other, so I really didn’t want him to bother getting a gift for the sake of getting one. What he did instead was that knowing how much I do not get along with his dog (HIS dog, not mine – I love dogs, but for various reasons, I HATE his dog), he sent his dog away to the kennel for 3 blissful weeks after I came home. It was really wonderful to finally be in a quiet house without his neurotic dog around while I bonded with my new babies.

    good luck figuring out!!! 🙂

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