July Madness


The month of July was very busy for our family. We were away basically three weeks out of the month in New Jersey, Chicago and most recently Rhode Island. It was a wonderful time to get away and relax, but as many of you know, vacationing with a baby can be taxing. From meal planning to packing and everything in between, I’ve learned a lot this past month and want to share with you all what I found helped to ensure the smoothest of vacation preparations.

Family Photo in Rhode Island

Keep on schedule. While adults do not follow a schedule on vacation, babies do. They need to feel secure and comfortable in their new surroundings and what better way to do that then to keep them on schedule. Their nap, sleep and meal times should be the same time. This will allow them to feel some type of normality while on vacation.

Make meals ahead of time. A day or two before you leave, start preparing meals for your little one and freeze them prior to leaving for vacation. When you get to your destination, place the frozen meals in the freezer and take them out as you need to. A great snack we used for our baby was freezing homemade pancakes and bringing along ham and cheese.

It’s OK to rent a crib. Our daughter likes to sleep in a crib at night and when we went away to New Jersey (our first vacation), she did not do well at night. She would wake and scream, so when we went away to Rhode Island, we learned our lesson and rented a crib for the week. It was only about $100 including delivery and was well worth the money.

Quiet time. Children just like adults need quiet time. Whether you are pushing them in a stroller or playing with them in a quiet room, giving them time away from the family and commotion helps them to calm down and unwind. I highly recommend it.

Ask for help. Going on vacation with young ones can be very stressful and tiring. Having people there to help when you need it is very important. Don’t wait for them to offer, ask if you need the help and don’t feel bad. That’s what family is for.

I hope this information helped and please feel free to share what worked for your family while you were on vacation.

3 comments on “July Madness”

  1. Wow, I’m exhausted just reading about your travels! I wholeheartedly agree with the crib thing, though. We’ve asked for them two different times at hotels and never had to pay. After that we took our own Pack N Play because it was easier.

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