There is something in the water…


Well my fellow bloggers I have some fabulous news to share with you!

My fellow blogger Gena is not alone in the baby making process.

I AM PREGGO with my second child!

Guess what?! You are knocked the heck up again!
Guess what?! You are knocked the heck up again!

We are super excited and I am here to share with all my fellow working mothers out there that the old saying “Every pregnancy is different” is completely true. I do not know if you remember but when I was pregnant with my son Max my first trimester was a complete and utter disaster. I had severe Hyperemesis Gravadium (Take that Kate Middleton I had it first!) and was hospitalized for two weeks and then had a pic line inserted to help keep fluids in me.

First pregnancy meant throwing up all the TIME!
First pregnancy meant throwing up all the TIME!

Because of this I was excited but extremely scared of getting pregnant again. Well, low and behold ladies the other mothers and doctors are correct. This time around I am feeling ten times better. I am still exhausted and had morning sickness but nothing as serious as last time.

Can I get a HELL ya for not being sick this pregnancy
Can I get a HELL ya for not being sick this pregnancy

It is completely a different pregnancy and I couldn’t be happier. I am not sick so work is better and life is better in general! So to any mother out there worried about having a second child there is hope. Hope of having a less traumatic time. Instead of spending months hugging the porcelain god I have only had a date with it about three days out of the first twelve weeks.

I cannot wait to blog about how it is to be knocked up while having a toddler (I am sure it will be fabulous…eye roll here) and look forward to any advice my veteran momma’s can offer.

So stay tuned for weekly bitch sessions since we all know I am not the happiest pregnant person.

5 comments on “There is something in the water…”

  1. Congrats! My pregnancy the second time around was better…but for me it FLEW BY!!! I was so busy with #1 that I didn’t have time to “wait” for #2. And every child is different too, just like the pregnancies. I went from perfect baby sleeping at like 4 weeks through the night, to no sleep ever. They’re both wonderful though!

  2. So wonderful to hear that this pregnancy is so much easier, Dear Sister ~ you certainly deserve it!!! Congrats again!!!!! ♥♥♥

  3. awww Katie!!! YAY!!! i’m so excited for you!! And obvs, Max is going to be an awesome big brother!!!! So glad you’re not suffering at the base of the toilet again this time!!!! Yay baby!

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