Back to School With Whole Foods – a Review!

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Back to School 2013 009
Love this bag!



This has got to be the most schizophrenic time of the year. On the one hand, I’m super stoked to have the kids back in school, back to a routine, and childcare off the payroll.  On the other, I’m sobbing over what big kids they’ve become, and drowning in school forms while reconfiguring schedules to accommodate school drop off, pick up, soccer, gymnastics, school conferences, homework, and, well, you get the idea.  Pure insanity!




Back to School 2013 010
Check out these great options!







Which is why I was so thrilled to get a helping hand from Whole Foods Glastonbury with some great back to school goodies!



Back to School 2013 011
Mixed reviews on the Crispy Rice Bars; Thumbs up on the Chocolate Coconut Milk




Up first were the chocolate items because, uh, obviously.  These were especially exciting to me because my son’s school has implemented a no junk food policy.  Cupcakes, fruit snacks, sugary drinks, and the like are banned in favor of nutritious options.  Reunited with his beloved chocolate milk = super excited kid.  These were gone in a flash! The bars got more of a mixed review, but I’m gonna go ahead and say it…any time that I can find a chocolate treat under 150 calories is a win in my book.

Back to School 2013 012
Breakfast = Served!



Now that we’ve covered dessert, lets move on to breakfast 😉  My girls and I have a 30 minute commute to school every day which makes eating on the way to school our most practical option. Portable breakfasts like these juice boxes and toaster pastries are ideal.  In fact, the juices (a rare special treat in our house) were sucked dry with a big thumbs up.  The filling in the toaster pastries is flavorful and delicious with the outer being a bit harder and less buttery/flaky than the popular non-organic brand – not that my kids would know the difference because they’ve never had the other kind!


Back to School 2013 014
Convenient lunch bag-ready packs!







Back to School 2013 015
Before school, during school, after school – great any time!

Now let’s talk lunch! Packing lunch is the bane of my existence – UGH. My kids are not sandwich eaters so finding other options is always a challenge.

But find other options, I did! Big, big thumbs up to both of these yummy popcorn flavors and the 365 brand cereal bars! Let’s just say that we go through A LOT of these cereal bars in our house…its one of our Whole Foods faves (especially blueberry!).





Back to School 2013 016
So cute!





And is it just me or is lunch packing a lot easier when you have adorable containers like these to put it in??  Please note that said ‘Sandwich Keepers’ can be use for far more than just sandwiches…cheese and crackers, pancakes, and pizza slices have all found their way into these fab containers.


Back to School 2013 017
My lunch box is cooler than I am.






While so much of the back to school madness revolves around the kids, let’s not forget about the parents too.  Planning ahead and packing a lunch for myself is a huge stress-reliever (and money saver and calorie slasher!).  I am really digging the Black+Blum Box Appetit.  First, it makes me feel cool. I mean, as far as lunch boxes go, this one is pretty chic.  And second, I love the multiple containers and fork that goes with.  Convenience – it works for me!

Back to School 2013 018

And on that note, I’ve got to go pack lunches (not even kidding).  Thank goodness I’ve got some great options to make my life a little easier!

Back to School 2013 019

A big thank you to Whole Foods Glastonbury for providing these items to review! Make sure to follow them on Facebook & Twitter.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review, I simply received the items mentioned.

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