CTWM’s Two-Year Anniversary!


On this day (Sept 1st) two years ago, CTWorkingMoms.com went live! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to mark this day, even though we don’t usually post on the weekends.

When I started the site, I had a dream of getting 100,000 hits in the first year. That seemed so out of reach at the time. To my incredible delight, we far surpassed that in the first year and are now quickly approaching our 1,000,000 mark. You’ve  left us over 11,000 comments (we love hearing from you!) and so many of you have subscribed to get our posts in your inbox each day. I (and I know the bloggers) are thrilled that so many readers relate to us. The #1 goal of this website is to be a place of support, sisterhood and non-judgement.

This whole thing has been such a crazy, wild, exhilarating, sometimes challenging but always worth it whirlwind (hey, that sounds just like parenting too!). In the past two years we have been on the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, the View, NBC Nightline, Fox CT, NBC CT and a CT radio station. Our bloggers have been featured in the HuffingtonPost, HLN, TODAY Moms, Working Mother, MomsRising, the Hartford Courant and the on homepages of Yahoo.com, AOL.com, iVilliage and CNN.com. You even voted us the #1 Parenting Blog in Connecticut. I mean seriously, don’t pinch me because this is an absolutely amazing dream.

Even more than those accolades though, what means the most is hearing from our readers via email and through our social media pages about how much our blog posts mean to you. That’s why we put ourselves out there. That’s why we work on making ourselves more vulnerable and talk about our challenges honestly and openly. That’s why we make such a big effort to be a judgement-free zone. Because moms NEED that. Hell, I need that.

Moms need more kindness. Moms need support instead of criticism. Moms need to know that they are not alone in their feelings or experiences.

Motherhood can be really isolating and intense, and we are all in it together, this sisterhood. I really believe that.

So thank you to all my absolutely wonderful bloggers who share their lives with the world and thank you to our incredible followers. Two years in the books and many, many more to come.


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12 thoughts on “CTWM’s Two-Year Anniversary!

  1. As a recent joiner, I can’t believe how quickly you all have become a part of my lives, even though I’ve never met you! This group of women possesses such honesty and generosity and willingness to confess their missteps. Your lack of pretention or posturing is refreshing and exciting! I believe (and have told Michelle) the concept of working moms together helping each other is WORLD CHANGING. Copyright that brand, Michelle! And thanks to all of you for being so helpful and welcoming to me over the past 8 (is that all?!?!) months! ♥♥♥


  2. Congratulations Michelle! You have created a wonderful community of support and friendship for all of the bloggers and the readers. Keep up the good work!


  3. So happy to be a part of this community! These days I get very frequent comments and kudos from people who read the blog. I have been so behind on commenting on everyone’s fabulous posts, but you know I ❤ you all!


  4. I cannot believe how fast time has flown! Thank you for starting something so important and for being the wonderful person you are. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of CTWM. xoxo


  5. Yay!!! Happy Anniversary CTWM’s!!! Congrats to all of us and SO MUCH LOVE to our beautiful founding Goddess, Michelle! We love you, Dear Sister. What a bright, shining spot you are in the world!!! ♡♡♡♥♥♥☀☀☀


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