Five for Friday: Five Reasons I Have Writer’s Block Right Now (Hint: They Have Something to Do with Being a Mom)



1. SOMETIMES YOU FEEL LIKE A NUT …  I know Melissa just posted about this frequent CTWM topic, but it turns out that my three year old has food allergies. So my brain has been dwelling on her and the myriad forms I’m being required to fill out (for two separate school-day/child care programs). She is allergic to two kinds of tree nuts, at least that we’re aware of. I qualify this statement because she had a small hive on her cheek the other day, after eating one of the supposedly ok nuts. On the other hand, that same morning, when I gave her a cookie containing one of the bad nuts by mistake (OOPS!!!), nothing happened. I know that a kid’s potential reactions can range from nothing to anaphylaxis, and that what happens during one instance does not necessarily inform what will happen in the future. But I still have to wonder if maybe the nuts got mixed up. It is harder than I anticipated to get used to reading labels so closely and questioning everything … despite the fact that I have a nut allergy (to yet a third kind of nut) myself.




2. THE FRIDAY NIGHT BRAIN DRAIN.  I spent all day working, and it’s now 6:41. I just returned to write this post after starting it about an hour ago. I keep forgetting about the Friday Night Brain Drain. For some reason, all the things seem to happen on Fridaze.  And when they do, my brain just runs out of room for anything else.



3. FREELANCE BLOGGER’S GUILT.  It’s possible that I neglected to submit an article for another blog that I said I would have done, oh, say, back in June sometime. Well, it’s a volunteer contribution to a blog that will give me and my business some exposure, and I am really only hurting myself by not getting it done. And it’s not like it was a firm deadline, more like an “around this time” deadline. Still, soft or firm, a deadline is a deadline. So naturally I am consumed with not only the guilt, but the annoyance at myself for letting time get away from me. I truly did underestimate how much time and energy my two little ones would siphon off away from my focus on other matters.



4. WE CAN’T STOP … WE WON’T STOP.  This Miley Cyrus song is stuck in my head. Not so much her version, but this one.



5. VAMPIRE BABIES.  This is just a theory, but a huge energy-suck for me lately seems to be my 15-month-old, who has recently done a 180 and ramped up the nursing, just when I thought she was dropping feedings and getting close to weaning. This also shows that I have experienced quite the memory lapse, since my first kid nursed until she was almost two years old.



6. BONUS THING!!!  Another reason I have been preoccupied is my obsession with food and calorie-counting, and occasionally, that thing I do where I pedal in place, breathe heavily and get all sweaty. Oh right, EXERCISE. I do that sometimes, mostly so I can justify eating more. I started my day with pizza for breakfast, and now that it’s 7:42 p.m. (yes, I took another break while writing this), it’s not exactly looking good for my calorie count. This distresses me, and may require a cookie.



Annnnnd that’s it. There is a sick kid in this house, a mountain of laundry, and still more work to do before the night is over. So tune in next week, same blogger time, same blogger place, for what will hopefully be a more coherent and infinitely more interesting post.  Have a great weekend, Happy New Year to those who celebrate Rosh Hashanah, and enjoy the start of fall!


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