Weekday Recovery

As busy moms I am certain that we have all experienced those insane weekends where you are running to and fro and are barely able to catch your breath. You know, the weekends where nothing gets done around the house, the laundry pile grows exponentially, and the refrigerator is empty because no one has had the time to go shopping. I am just coming off a bender of a weekend. This past weekend we hosted 60 guests at our home for my daughter’s 1st birthday, we had dance class, two soccer practices and two other birthday parties. All of us are exhausted, but we had fun playing, visiting and celebrating with friends and family.

Happy 1st Birthday Sawyer!

In my opinion it is always a good thing to be busy doing good stuff. I made a promise to myself when I became a mother that I would NEVER take a pass on the fun stuff because my house needed to be cleaned or laundry needed to be done. So, welcome Monday; I am officially starting my weekday recovery. Since I had no time to catch my breath or re-charge my battery over the weekend, I am finding the time to do it during the work week. Hard, yes, but not impossible. Here is where you can find me recovering this week:

  • In the morning, after all the school drop offs, sipping my coffee and rocking out to Radioactive, Body Count, or Lover of the Light, for the six minutes that I am alone in my car.
  • At my desk, sitting quietly, basking in the silence and the sunlight.
  • At a work lunch event where I do not have to cut up ANYTHING for ANYONE.
  • In the late afternoon when I start to get sleepy and zone out staring at my computer, thinking about NOTHING.
  • After dinner, on my jog, staying focused and enjoying feeling the beginning of Fall on my skin.
  • At night with a glass of Pinot Noir and my new book.
  • Going to sleep, knowing that I am not as recharged as I had hoped, but that my girls are enjoying life and that I am enjoying watching them grow.

Where do you find the time to re-charge during the work week?

6 thoughts on “Weekday Recovery

  1. After a weekend (that continued into the week) of a sick household I was very looking forward to coming to work on Monday. At the very least to get away from the germs!


  2. I remember the first time I heard someone say, about someone I had hired, “She comes to work to rest.” I thought it was either a judgment or “not okay” because work should be WORK. Then, I had children. My job is difficult and demanding. Yet, sometimes, it is also rest. Everything is relative after all :).


  3. I can totally relate. Our weekends are usually jam packed (with fun!) and there’s been plenty of Mondays in which I’ve found myself out of diapers, with no food to pack for school lunches. Worth it for the memories though!


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