Mommy, the baby is crying! Continued.

Enter the fourth and last of my brood!

All 4 girls006

Grandma with the little bundle of joy! See Steph… I do have a few pictures of you!

By this time this baby thing is old hat. Collect all the stuff again. This time you have to get a lot of new things because there is just nothing left from the last three. You don’t have time for the photos; you forget to send out the announcements.

You know you will never get any rest if you don’t play your cards differently. We got a bunk bed for the two middle ones, the older one was in her own room, and we made a nursery at the far end of the hall. Like I said, the kid could be in another state and you would recognize that one particular cry anywhere!!! (And Mothers who are nursing know all about that!) Sometime in the middle of the night the baby would start crying. I would get up, feed her, change her, make sure all was well and put her back in the crib, and one night she started to fuss after I had gotten back into bed.

The oldest comes into my room, wakes me up by poking me and says, “Mommy, the baby is crying.”

Now I’m not good with getting poked or being harassed by a 10-year old!

“I know Lynn, go back to bed. The baby is okay.”

“Shouldn’t you get up and do something?”

“No Lynn, go to bed. The baby is just fussing, she’ll settle down.”

Indignantly she pokes me again… “What kid of a mother are you???”

“The kind that needs to sleep!
If you want to walk her around for the next two hours until she falls asleep, be my guest. But you’ll be doing that every night if you start this. GO BACK TO BED!”

I put the pillow over my head and went back to sleep. My eldest never bothered me again.

Guess I was a rotten mother by today’s standards! Such is life.

I just know that for any of you moms out there who have a pack of kids… it’s okay. You’re going to miss some things if you have more than two children. As hard as you try, working moms have too many plates to keep in the air.

Stephanie doesn’t hate me for not having amassed bunches of photos that she can look back on. I always remind her that when she was born they invented Video Cameras!  And her sisters don’t have any movies to look back at when THEY were babies!


And here’s that “baby” now!

Love ya Steph!

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