Pregnancy and a Job search

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When I turned 11 weeks pregnant I received my offer letter to the new job I am working right now. I like many other women was really worried that this would not be seen as favorable. I know, I know it is illegal to not hire someone but let’s be honest it happens. I want to speak out that it is possible to get hired at a great job, and not have any major issues.

When I first applied for this position I was not pregnant. Yup, you heard right I was not knocked up. As many of you know the corporate job interview process can be long and grueling and I basically found out mid way through my interviewing process that I was pregnant. I was so happy but also a little freaked out.

This is basically how I felt LOL (Pciture:
This is basically how I felt LOL

Do I tell them during the interview process? Do I not take the job since I am having a baby? Do I wait for an offer letter and then tell them? What about Maternity leave? How much time should I take off this time since I most likely won’t get paid? These were the questions going over and over in my mind.

I decided that I was not going to mention my pregnancy unless I got an offer. My view was to me it was not a player in the decision of whether I would be an asset to the new company. I must preface this that I knew that I would never “change” my mind about working or feel the need to stay home so I knew I would come back to work after leave. I have also had a child so barring any crazy, unexpected situation (which wouldn’t make a difference what job I was at) I have been this road and know what to expect.

One thing mothers need to decide is if they are ok with not having the paid maternity leave. I have not been with the company for a year so they do not have to offer me any maternity leave or FMLA. My husband and I discussed saving to cover my maternity leave and that the long-term prospects, raise, and opportunities outweigh the 8-12 weeks of paid maternity leave. I do need to say this is no small feat, we are diligently saving so I do not think this is a decision you make lightly.

I also waited until I negotiated since I did not want this to affect my offer. So basically at 11 weeks and a week after I officially accepted my position I explained to my new boss that I was pregnant but that I will show how much of an asset I am and that I am invested in this company for the long-term. I realize now how nervous I was and that speech came out like word vomit.

Show me the MONEY! (
Show me the MONEY!

I was lucky. I always expect the worse and my new boss was amazing and realized it was not a big deal. And no she does not have any children so she realized on her own that having a baby does not make you an invalid.

So to all my ladies out there YOU CAN get a new job even when you are pregnant.

Do any of my fellow working moms have stories about getting a new job while pregnant? Good or bad?

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