Allergy Testing for Mom and Baby

Yesterday my daughter and I saw our allergist to finally determine if she has a peanut allergy and if I, in fact, have a soy allergy.

The medical assistant started out with testing my girl for twenty food allergies, ranging from apples and pears to peanuts and almonds. After waiting in the room a half hour, the good news came our way that she does not have a peanut allergy! We were very relieved and happy, as the last thing we wanted her to be allergic to was the dangerous peanuts.

My turn was now up, and I have to say I was a lot more nervous than my 17 month old. They pricked me twenty times for environmental allergens. Unfortunately, they did not feel comfortable testing me for a soy allergy as I have had two bad reactions requiring going to the hospital. Instead, I will get my blood drawn and sent out to a lab for review. I had no objection to this as I felt it is better to be safe than sorry.

Quickly my results came back and it showed that I was the 1-3% of the population they see to be allergic to over 50% of the allergens tested.   The results indicate that I am allergic to trees, grass, dust, cats and dogs! I don’t know how I could be allergic to a dog, when I have an 85 pound German Shepherd at home. My eyes never water, I never sneeze and I don’t have trouble breathing. I only have random hives around my face, neck and arms. Very weird isn’t it?

The next round of testing that my daughter and I go for will be next week when she gets the environmental testing done and I get the food testing, except for the soy allergy. I hope to have the results within the next few days of that.

So where do I go from here? I don’t know.  Do I continue to have these hives or start going for allergy shots? My guess right now is that I will be sure to consult with my chiropractor on this as she is also a doctor of internal medicine.

I have to say the past year has been so stressful for me. Between all the ear infections my daughter had, to her tube surgery and from my pelvic and back issues while seeing a physical therapist, that later led me in the direction of seeing my wonderful, healing, chiropractor; I just want 2014 to be a little less stressful!  I do not think that is too much to ask for.

Have you gone through similar medical issues concurrently with your children?  Isn’t it stressful? Do you find the time to relax and if so, how do you relax?

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12 thoughts on “Allergy Testing for Mom and Baby

  1. Its weird how we can be allergic, yet tolerate the cat/dogs. What are your symptoms? I am going to go on an herbal treatment first before shots.


  2. Great news about the peanuts! One less thing to worry about, Melissa! Yeah, when you are both having medical issues, it’s terrible. No one told me about the fact that moms aren’t allowed to be sick…..

    My son had really intense tree pollen allergies and went for the shots as a young adult and now can get through that time of year fairly easily. I have a long series of pictures of him on Mother’s Day looking like he is weeping, but it’s really just the damn trees. Now he’s a happy man in his family’s Mother’s Day pictures.


  3. I have the environmental allergens, too, and I’m allergic to cats, and I have one. She doesn’t bother me though. I never regretted going for the allergy injections. It’s been about 8 years now that I’ve been getting them and for most of the year (except when Mother Nature is extra mean and people who aren’t typically affecte by environmental allergies even feel the effects). This far into it I only go once a month and for me it’s a small price to pay for overall comfort. After gettting my allergies under control I realized just how many of the “colds” I thought I had throughout the year were actually just reactions to my environment. And now that we’re so far into the program, I’m sick so much less often.


  4. You know I too am one of the 1-3%. It’s so frustrating, but getting the allergies under control means getting your overall health under control too and that’s worth is in my book.


  5. Such a relief that your daughter doesn’t have a peanut allergy. As for you and the dog… it might be that the breed of your dog doesn’t bother you as badly as others. Another option is that you’ve built up a level of tolerance to the dog given you’re exposed to it daily. Most likely, your body is exhibiting allergies, but in a different way than the typical ‘allergy’. They can manifest in many different ways and may be something as simple as just a general tired or run down feeling. I had an eye muscle twitch that lasted weeks. I finally went to the doctor and they diagnosed me with allergies – my eye stopped twitching day one on allergy eye drops. My husband grew up with a cat, but it wasn’t until he moved out that he realized he was actually extremely allergic. Now that his body hasn’t been exposed daily, his allergies trigger almost immediately when around them. Good luck with the rest of your tests!


  6. So glad you and the babe got tested for allergies. I got tested a few months ago for the first time in my life and wish I had gone sooner because it turns out I have some pretty severe environmental allergies as well. When I saw an ENT recently for something else, he told me that the best thing someone with environmental allergies can do is use a nasal rinse That might help you too 🙂


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