I hate Maternity clothes

Can I vent to you for a minute or two? I cannot stand maternity clothes.

Yes I KNOW clothes today are better than the moo-moo outfits our poor mothers and grandmothers had to wear but seriously a majority of it is still crap. Not only do these clothes make you look like a disgusting cow (ok maybe its in my brain but give me a freaking break I am hormonal & pregnant) but you basically have to buy clothes you may never wear again. Even with my first pregnancy I saved my first load of crappy maternity clothes I had bought but now low and behold: I GET PREGNANT in an opposite season.

I know I could have worn this...
I know I could have worn this…

So here I am again having to go purchase more maternity clothes. You basically can choose from a few stores like Target, and Maternity Motherhood or you have to make a guess online as to what you think would look good on your bulbous belly.

Seriously why don’t more stores have maternity clothes? How could there not be a population large enough for this? Millions of babies are born everyday! I won’t name any names but I am seriously considering writing some of these companies letters.

Who am I kidding I can’t stay awake past 9:30 pm these days.

My other question is this:  whose stupid idea was it to make so many damn maternity sweaters that have horizontal stripes? Why would I want to look even larger than I do? Horizontal stripes only look good on extremely thin women which is great but what about the rest of us? Where are the vertical ones? Help a mother out would ya?

Really? Do you have to accentuate how large I feel? (Picture credit: www.macys.com)
Really? Do you have to accentuate how large I feel? (Picture credit: http://www.macys.com)

Ughh so I just might have to follow-up and show you some of the ridiculous outfits I have to wear while pregnant or I see in these stores but for now I almost feel more comfortable with yoga pants, my CT working mom T-shirt on and no bra. Why isn’t that acceptable to work again?

14 thoughts on “I hate Maternity clothes

  1. Are you for real? I love maternity clothes. LOVE. Pants that just stretch and stretch and never feel tight? I wish I had known about them sooner. I have renamed them “thanksgiving pants”.
    And the shirts- they’re COTTON. 100% cotton. They’re soft and they breathe. I don’t get sweaty armpit stains. They also stretch and forgive my expanding boobs.
    I feel ya on the stripes though. I avoided the stripes for the most part except for my baby shower dress which was AWESOME!
    I’m sorry you don’t like maternity clothes! I do wish there was a bigger selection at more stores but maybe it’s a good thing there’s not because I would buy too many!


  2. H&M is slowly starting to do some maternity clothes. They don’t look like potato sacks, but they’re still kind of expensive. I just do my best to wear regular clothes as long as I can.


  3. I know how you feel. But during the maternity period you must look elegant as well as the dress should be comfortable. Why not the perfect dress for perfect period then?


  4. I managed to cobble together a maternity wardrobe by hitting up Max and Lily’s Closet, Uptown Consignment, and buying some basics from Target and other department stores. I had maybe 6 work outfits that I rotated (half dresses) and 2 pairs of shoes that still fit. Some of my friends had luck with zulily.com. But, you better believe that the minute I was home it was bra off and yoga pants on!


  5. While we can’t help with the creation of super gorgeous maternity wear, we certainly try to help you save money during those few months you need it! Bump to Bump Maternity is a consignment maternity store based in Wyckoff, NJ and all of our inventory is on our website (www.bumptobumpmaternity.com). We hope you will check us out!


  6. If I weren’t so stubborn about buying maternity clothes (I hate the thought of spending a fortune on something I’ll wear maybe only a few months of my entire life! I was very practical about my wedding dress, too!) then I’d buy just about everything from asos.com’s maternity section. Cute and reasonably priced. I do agree with you, some of the stuff out there is so hideous!!


  7. so true! I gave in to maternity bottoms a while ago but I’m sticking with my empire waist dresses and tunic tops as long as possible! (but at 32 weeks I have fewer and fewer options from my regular wardrobe that still fit…)
    I think my biggest complaint is stockings and tights. I’m going the maternity route there but it’s really tough to find nude maternity hose! I have one pair that fit and one pair that are uncomfortable, and granted I only work part-time but it’s still not enough to get me through the work week. And forget the cute patterned or opaque colored tights I like to wear!
    Today I’m wearing a purple poncho sweater of my mom’s (she’s a few sizes larger and has lent me her poncho and wrap/cardigan sweater collection for this season) and maternity khakis that will slip down constantly while I try to discreetly pull them back up.
    And to the comment about how expensive maternity clothes are- yes! Nearly all of my maternity is either from a consignment shop or an outlet (purchased with an extra % off coupon)
    Finally, times like this I wish I lived in FL instead of New England, so I didn’t have to buy both summer and fall maternity clothes. I feel like I have 4 peoples-worth of clothes crammed into my house.


  8. – DIY as much as possible
    – Infinity dresses are AMAZING during pregnancy
    – Lots of non-pregnancy clothes can be adapted to pregnancy with the right additions, like Bella Bands (which you can easily DIY by cutting the top off of an older camisole. I even use these bands as bandeau tops for breastfeeding postpartum, since my boobs are about the same measurements as my pregnancy hips.)


  9. Totally agree! Maternity clothing is such a racket. It costs a fortune and the quality is usually sub-par, lasting pretty much through one pregnancy and then quickly dissolving to a fibrous mess that used to resemble a shirt, pants, etc.


  10. Haha, this made me laugh. Not only is there a lack of decent maternity clothes, there’s an enormous lack of PROFESSIONAL maternity clothes (our dress code is old-school, which includes pantyhose if wearing a skirt!). Try squeezing yourself into pantyhose while 8 mo preggo. UGH!

    I do think that preggers look SO FREAKING CUTE regardless of what they’re wearing!


  11. HAHAHA – I know exactly how you feel. Have you tried pinkblushmaternity.com? They have some fun maternity clothes that aren’t as moo-mooish as some of the things out there. The prices are pretty affordable and I think there’s free shipping too! You look fab.


  12. There is such a lack of affordable maternity clothes, in my opinion. Even motherhood maternity can be pricey, and that peapod section, forget about it. I wish stores like target had bigger maternity sections, I’m with you! I do think though that you probably look better than you think 🙂


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