A Weekend in the life of a Working Mom.

Ahh…Friday.  The best day of the week because it’s the last day of the work week and the start of the weekend.  Weekends filled with leisurely activities and family fun.  Weekends to relax and enjoy time away from work responsibilities.

Yeah right.  My weekends don’t sound anything like that either.


3:15pm: Leave work on-time because it’s Friday.  Rush to bakery to pick up special order for the weekend.  Throw in a little something extra for me and Honey.  Rush to liquor store, spend 15 minutes debating wine choices, finally find what I want, get two bottles.  Hey, it’s Friday after all.

4:00pm: Get home just in time for the nanny to leave on time for the first time all week.

4:15-5:45: This time period is a blur, as it is every night, and includes: hang with the kids, unpack back pack, check mail, recycle mail, talk to Honey to discuss game plan for weekend, think about dinner, attempt to prepare dinner while children whine about being hungry, give children cheese sticks to subdue them, open bottle of wine, serve hungry crying children dinner, finish cooking dinner for Honey and me.

5:46-5:56: inhale dinner. and wine.

5:57: abandon any plan to work out after dinner.

7:00ish: Honey puts children to bed.  Load dishwasher, pour another glass of wine.  Surf Pinterest and Facebook.

7:45: Honey joins me on the couch with a drink and whoopie pies for a few episodes of Orange is the New Black.  Field texts from nanny about upcoming schedule conflicts.

10:00: Consider Friday night a success and head to bed.


6:00ish: Kitten calls from her bed “mommy come get me!”

6:01: crawl back into bed with Kitten

6:34: Lovey crawls into bed with us

6:35: Lovey complains Kitten is taking too much space

6:40: everybody out of bed and downstairs for breakfast

8:30: Honey takes the girls to the grocery store

8:35: Start blitz cleaning the house and preparing for Sunday’s party

10:00: Honey and the girls come home and unpack groceries while I continue preparations.

11:30: Throw girls into the car to run back to grocery store to get forgotten items, to the bank, and to Whole Foods to get the cake for the party.  The girls cry about going on more errands.  I get to the grocery store only to realize I forgot my wallet at home.  Back in to the car to home, grab wallet, off to the bank and then to Whole Foods.  Kitten falls asleep in the car on the way home.

1:15: Home just in time to shove some food in Lovey’s face before she heads off to a birthday party.  I cook for tomorrow’s party while Kitten sleeps

3:00: Honey and cranky Lovey return from the party.  I institute mandatory quiet rest time.  Everyone protests, no one sleeps-except Honey.

4:30: Throw on Halloween costumes and head to church for a Halloween party.  Laughter, fun, and wet sleeves from toddler attempting to bob for apples ensues.

7:00: Home.  The girls request a sleepover in Kitten’s room.  Ten minutes and three trips up the stairs for me later the girls abandon their sleep over and Lovey goes back to her own room.

8:15: Fall asleep on the couch in front of the Red Sox game.


7:00ish: After Honey takes the girls downstairs around 6:30 I fall back to sleep and then wake up just in time to be served my Sunday pancakes.  Yum.

8:00: Think about taking a shower

8:30: Take a shower and get dressed for church

9:30: Hop in the car for church by myself while Honey takes the girls in his car, enjoy 10 minutes of silence.

Somewhere around 10:30: Get announced as member of the Pastoral Search committee, receive applause. Walk Lovey up to church school and make a mad dash out the door and back home.

10:45: Arrive home, start getting ready for the party: set the table, get extra chairs, start oven for the roast, take dessert out of the fridge, continually check my list to ensure everything is getting done.

11:30: Honey and the girls arrive home, Kitten fell asleep in the car.

1:00: My grandmother, the guest of honor, arrives for her 90th birthday party. She has a wonderful afternoon filled with family, cake, pork roast (her favorite meal), and a surprise FaceTime conversation with my cousin in CA.

5:00: All guests leave. Proceed to slump into the couch.

9:30: Drag myself upstairs to bed. Set the alarm to start all over again on Monday.

7 thoughts on “A Weekend in the life of a Working Mom.

  1. Wow I’m tired after just reading this. A great picture of what life is really like as a mom. Long gone are the weekends where you could just do whatever you want and relax!


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