Making a Difference from a Bad Dream

Have you ever had a bad dream that was so vivid that you woke up thinking it was a reality?

That was me this past week when I woke up at 3:00 a.m., sweating, from a dream that was so terrifying I couldn’t even fathom that to some, it’s their life.

The dream began with me at a train station in a disserted unknown town. I walked into the station and immediately knew something wasn’t right. There were so many women and very few men and the faces on the women reminded me of trauma, sorrow and loneliness. Without going into too much detail, I will share with you that the dream was in regards to the sex trafficking industry. It brought insight into my naive eyes that there are thousands of women each year being lured into this industry, one that robs and steals any chance of pride, love and belonging these women could have for themselves. I woke up disgusted, frustrated and angry. I’ve never had a dream like this and when I woke, I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Walking down the stairs that morning, seeing my husband playing with our little girl, I felt compelled to share with him the horrible dream I had. He didn’t quite understand and brushed it off as nothing more than a bad dream.

No matter why I had the dream, I felt that I had to do something about it. After sharing the dream with him, I went back upstairs to the computer where I did some online research. Within minutes I found posts on Craigslist that targeted innocent young men and women. One asked young males to move to South Carolina to become “models.” They even offered to house them in a beautiful beach house and pay for their meals. Another was in regards to “artistic expression,” which, unfortunately, I suspect was completely opposite of the ads true intention.

Here I sat at my computer thinking that I could be a young girl, looking for love, acceptance and a new opportunity and within minutes could be sending emails of interest through Craigslist to these morally corrupt solicitors. It made me sick to my stomach and more angry than I have been in many years.

After the hours had passed, I thought about how I could make a small difference and promote awareness about this unlawful industry as well as other areas of social concern. My husband and I had talked about it and we decided to order our holidays cards from a non-profit organization ( where the cards are handmade by young female Philippine refuges from the child sex trafficking industry.

Below are some images of the card in hopes that you might consider as an alternative holiday card this year.


While I haven’t yet figured how I can help spread awareness around trafficking, I do want to contribute in some way to the cause. As one step can make a difference, I’ve scheduled a few days where fellow CT Working Mom bloggers as well as my local MOMS Club members can make and serve breakfast to underprivileged families. We will also be making crafts that focus on the themes of love, happiness, strength, health and confidence.

Even though I would never wish to have this dream again, I’m glad that I did experience it as it opened my eyes into what the life is like for some people. I hope the holiday cards I purchased along with the two morning that’s my friends and I will be volunteering, will make a small difference in the lives of others.

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