Discovering a New Park

Our town is pretty big. There are a lot of parks and playgrounds to discover and explore. I have reviewed the town’s parks and rec website numerous times, and although my son is 4, we just discovered a new park in town – Beachland Park & Pool!

I attempted to find this park once before, but we struggled to find it and my husband got me all worked up so we gave up and went to a playground we were familiar with.  But I knew it existed…I saw it on the website!

A few weeks ago, the kids and I had a day off. I decided we would head out and finally find it.  According to the website, the park has a pond and pool, playgrounds and soccer fields, and a spray pad. How hard could it be to find such a large park? It must be there…the website told me so!

So off we went. I drove slowly and was determined to find it.  My son talked me through it, and like any good explorer, he was on the look out for anything resembling a park.  Just as I was beginning to question myself again, there it was.

A driveway that appeared to belong to a house was actually the entrance to the hidden park. Beyond the driveway were soccer fields and a duck pond. The playground wasn’t visible, so once we parked, we had to continue our exploration. Not only did we find the playground, but we found two! And a huge hill that we have now declared our new sledding hill.

photo 3

photo 2

After discovering this hidden gem, my children and I decided to bring my husband to enjoy our new found treasure. He too fell in love with our exciting new discovery and we have added it to our list of weekend destinations.  Sometimes the most exciting things to do are just under your nose and 100% absolutely free.

Here’s to discovering new parks and getting outside (as long as the weather will allow)! It doesn’t get much better than that!

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