Making Impactful Changes (for yourself) – A 60 Day Challenge

I’m the typical mom, or rather, the typical working mom who loves to complain about the fact that I never have time for myself. I complain that in order to get a workout in, I have to do it at ungodly hours of the day, I complain that I never have time to focus on my well-being because I’m too focused on my kids, I complain that it’s impossible to lose weight after babies. But I’ll let you in on a secret: THOSE ARE ALL EXCUSES. 

We’re a society focused on instant gratification – if we cannot make sweeping changes, many of us would rather not make changes at all. I (sadly) fall into that category. I used to run…a lot. It was pretty much the only reason that I was able to stay fit. And three years after my kids were born, I’m still using the “not enough time to run” excuse as the reason why I haven’t lost that last 20 pounds of baby weight. Yeah, it’s true, if I ran as much as I used to, I’d probably lose it all; however, it’s also true that running isn’t the only way to make impactful changes to my well-being. If I had made some easy changes 3 years ago, I’d probably be in a better place, fitness-wise, today. Certainly, I wouldn’t look and feel as “worn out” as I do now.


So in being honest to myself, I laid out the following sobering “observations” about my daily habits:

My diet sucks – I eat while standing up. I eat my kids’ leftovers. I eat dessert before the meal. I am a nutritionist’s nightmare.

Coffee is my vice – I usually have two cups before 6AM, another at least two cups before lunchtime. and one in the afternoon. I love my caffeine.

My vitamins look and smell funky – the last time I took a multivitamin was when I was pregnant. I still have the bottle of prenatal vitamins on my bathroom countertop and they smell funny.

I don’t drink enough water – I drink MAYBE a total of 12 ounces/day, and no other fluids (just coffee). No wonder I rarely pee.

I need to get moving – there’s a new fitness craze attributed something called FitBit and they encourage you to take 10,000 steps a day. I calculated my steps…on a day that I get in a short run, I get MAYBE 6,000. On any other day, forget it…I’d say it’s about 1/3 that amount. I can easily sit down at my desk at 8:15 and NEVER ONCE GET UP until the end of the day, except to get lunch (I rarely pee, as stated above).

I don’t get enough sleep – I go to bed at ~11:00 and wake up at either 4:00 or 5:15 depending on the day.


Making changes to the above are easy, but they need to become habits  and not whims. Therefore, I have decided to put myself up to a 60-day challenge and have invited some of my fellow CTWM bloggers to join me. I’d like to invite you to join  as well.

The Challenge Rules: We’ll start on Monday, 11/25 (yes, Thanksgiving week!). Pick one easy habit per week to change. Each week, add one more habit while continuing the prior habits. By the end of the 60 days, you will have made 8 impactful changes. (Note: It kills me not to make all the changes at once, because like everyone else, I want things to be done NOW.)

If you choose to join us, please feel free to post your targeted changes in the comments so that: 1) It gives you some level of accountability; 2) It might provide some ideas/inspiration for others of things to change.


My changes are the following:

Week 1 (week starting 11/25) – take my multivitamins at night before bed.

Week 2 (12/2) – Get up at least every 2 hours during the weekdays and WALK the office floor. I recently tried it out and found that if I do a loop around the office, I can add ~400 steps in less than 5 minutes. Multiply that by 4-5 rounds, and we’re talking 1,600-2,000 extra steps/day.

Week 3 (12/9) – At the end of each round above, drink a cup of water.

Week 4 (12/16)Replace two cups of coffee with tea (I am DREADING this one).

Week 5 (12/23) – Replace ONE bad snack during the day with a good (read: HEALTHY!) snack.

Week 6 (12/30) – Go to bed before 10:00 on at least 2 of the nights of my 4AM wakeups.

Week 7 (1/6) – THROW OUT (or save) the kids’ leftovers. Quit feeling the need to eat it.

Week 8 (1/13) – No more eating over the sink, or in my car, or while running between loads of laundry and bathtime. SIT for every single meal, even if it’s a quick one.

Week 9 (1/20) – Repeat all 8 habits until the challenge ends (1/24)

I’ll post an update on my progress halfway through, and again at the end of the challenge. Good luck!!!


6 thoughts on “Making Impactful Changes (for yourself) – A 60 Day Challenge

  1. Love this idea and I’m ready for the challenge, I just need to figure out what my habits will be. Hitting the bag of chocolate chips after bedtime is probably a big one. I have a Fitbit and LOVE it! It has definitely helped me be more aware of my activity level. If you more water it will help with the caffeine issues. I’d also read that you get more energy from eating an apple than you do from coffee. Not sure that’s true, but worth a shot.


  2. Sounds like an awesome idea. I like the idea of small steps. Not sure what mine will be, but I definitely saw myself in there (WAY too much coffee, eating my kids leftovers). I guess I at least have two!


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