Our Funny Little Family


I had the good fortune of attending a luncheon presentation for ctworkingmoms.com at the NFL again this past summer. In addition to learning a lot of interesting things about concussion prevention and safety in a variety of youth sports, I also got to enjoy two of my fellow bloggers!

While enjoying cocktails after the event at a chic outdoor happy hour spot, we got to talking about this feeling of “family”. Our discussion centered on each of our own feeling on when our family was complete. For mdone, my family is complete with the four of us- Ev, Don, Eeds and me.

My love for my son has been growing since he arrived and joined my husband and I along this crazy journey. I can’t get over watching him grow into a kid or hearing him recite back to us weird things that my husband and I say with his own unique twist. Recently he’s been nailing the occasional sarcastic one liners, with impeccable timing. He’s the absolute best.

And then came along Edith. She’s a hoot. This girl is crazy, but only in the best weeds 2ay possible. She’s assertive and strong and loves books and to work on puzzles. She doesn’t get bossed around but is so sweet. I’m in love with her and my love continues to grow stronger as her fabulous personality shines through.

So individually, my children bring me a lot of joy, but together they have made us a family. I believe, having spoken to my blogging colleagues, that this feeling of family is different for everyone. For some it may be one child, some none, and for others five.  But the feeling itself, of being a complete unit, is not unique and I am absolutely loving it.

I love seeing the way my son and daughter are growing as siblings. I love seeing my husband thrive in his role as father. And I love finding things that we all love doing together as a family, like Friday night pizza night, or playing at the park, or coloring at the dining room table. There’s a time when you’re young that you can’t ever imagine not considering your parents and your own siblings as your immediate family and then it just sort of seems to happen.

As we fully embark into the holiday season, I hope each of you enjoys time and new traditions with your family–whoever that may be!




3 comments on “Our Funny Little Family”

  1. This is so perfect and so true. Our summer vacation this year ‘the moment’ for me and it still takes my breath away!

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