How to Make a Holiday Photo Wreath


This project is also known as: the perfect holiday craft for moms who would rather be drinking. Quick, easy, and can be completed almost entirely using 1 hand!


  • Pictures. 4×6’s work well
  • Cardboard, card stock, poster paper or other sturdy material from which to construct your wreath.  I used $.98 poster board from Target (because I’m cheap, didn’t feel like painting cardboard, and I love Target.)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon, optional


Step 1: (Anyone else humming Inspector Oso in their head right now? “Three special steps, that’s all you need…”  No? Just me? Moving on.)

Cut out a wreath from your poster board/cardboard.  No need for perfection, the end result is very forgiving. (2 glasses of Chard down? No problem!)

Step 2: Arrange your pictures around the wreath in the way that looks best to you.  Your hours of oversized floor puzzles will come in handy here.

image (4)

Step 3: Glue the pictures down.  Hot glue gun worked well for me because its super fast with no dry time. Attach a bow if you like fancy things.

Step 4: Hang!

image (2)

Step 5: Pat yourself on the back for finding the time to deck the halls with a little hand-crafted goodness and pour yourself another glass.  Cheers!

image (3)

Aside from it being plain easy, I love how versatile this project is and how it allows me to display a number of pictures without putting in the work of framing each one.  I could see myself making this a seasonal deal! And is it just me or would this make for a rather adorable (and inexpensive!) gift for the grandparents??

Photo credit to Frost Photography for the great holiday pictures of my kiddos!

4 comments on “How to Make a Holiday Photo Wreath”

  1. LOL, I would love to see a time-progression of different wreaths: sober wreath, buzzed wreath, tipsy wreath and stinkin’ drunk wreath!!! 😉

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