Second Child Syndrome

I’ve heard many of my friends who have more than one child talk of the poor second child- No photos, no capturing “first moments” on video, and wearing hand-me-down onesies with old sweet potato stains set in the neck line.  Well here I am, a 34 year old Momma of two children under the age of three, and only three months into this new thing called a family of four, and let me tell you that, YEAH.  They are right.

We did get some things right, though!  We captured our new little one’s first moments in the hospital, and took tons of pics of her swaddled in her hospital bassinet the day we came home.  But those “month” stickers that you slap on the kid’s tummy every month to show how big she’s getting? Nope.  Didn’t even buy a package.

And on the hand-me-down outfits?  One of my girlfriends texted me one afternoon asking for more pics of Olivia.  I would have snapped a pic on my iPhone and texted it to her right on the spot, but, um……. Olivia was wearing one of her brother’s hand-me-down boyish zip up pajamas… I made up for this faux pas, however, by dressing her to the nines the next day in a brand new outfit, complete with a felt flower headband, and proudly sent the pic along to her.  And posted it on Facebook.  And uploaded it to Instagram.


Oh, poor, poor, second child, Olivia!  But don’t worry, I’ll be making up for this in a couple years when I’ll be suckered into buying pink Uggs with bows on the back, patterned Patagonia fleeces, and toddler chambray shirts.  But for now, looks like you’ll be sporting your brother’s duds!



4 thoughts on “Second Child Syndrome

  1. She is so freakin’ adorable! Don’t worry, girls can so get away with cute/stylish boy clothes. I would do the same, except I think putting a little baby boy in anything pink with butterflies/hearts/sparkles wouldn’t go over too well 🙂


  2. I have two as well and I’m totally guilty too. The big phrase around our house is poor S——. Poor S—- doesn’t have any clothes of her own. Poor S—– has to scream in her high chair while we wipe M’s bottom. Poor S—–. Poor S—–. 🙂


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